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Live Life Lovingly!

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Spreading Love

For love is power

That completes itself .

Spreading joy and healing

In circles of awareness

That transmute the soul

To recognise the heart of the soul!



Limitless love

is Limitless

Limitless love

Such is its nature

Springing forth from core

Of pure emotions of the heart

Welling up in actions

So full of expressions

That speak without words

And says it all.




Live life lovingly

All is a flow in the circle of life.
Life goes on!



The Journey of Imagination

Imagination begins with thoughts
There is great power in imagination
Imagination can heal or hurt
Stemming from infinite abundance.
Imagination draws from nature & nurture.


In thinking out  of the box
Raw & unstructured or uncontrollable
Resulting  in unexpected creativity
Exploring  potential possibilities.
Thoughts in a flow, forming patterns
Shapes moulding within a structure 

Meandering like a river
Or bursting like a volcano
Uncontrollable & quite unexpectedly
Often chaotic and welling up the feelings.


Imagination seeks to find its own path

Much of imagination is forgotten soon
Or gets lost in translation.

When imagination  is reinforced
In strength of inate potential of being
There is hope for inspirational  creativity
When imagination is reigned
In fear and ridicule
There is chance of darkness  of morbidity
Creating doubts and uncertainties.


Your Imagination is who you are
Imagination manifests through you
Yet in steering imagination
Creativity is born.
The source of thoughts arise from within
You have the choice to steer the course
In mindfulness the path of imagination
Can be witnessed and channeled.

The journey of imagination
Take you places you have never been.


Betwixt & beyond the illusions & reality
Through dimensions of time & space
To the quantum truths of your being
In expressing, exchanging imagination..
Innovations are possible.
The magic is all in the imagination
What matters is where you want to go!


To my dear friend Ali Anani, PhD  A few days earlier  I chanced  upon your imaginative & interesting post, 

My post The journey  of imagination is simply a flow of thoughts from reading  your post and a few comments. So a humble dedication of this post back to  you.Thank you my friend 🙏



Love takes all of you!

Love can happen to any of us

In a heartbeat

But it takes all of you

To sustain the love.

For true love is precious

Love takes effort and care

Love ain’t easy

Love is not a game

To play and forget.

True Love is commitment

Love is consideration

Love is expression

Love is knowing what matters

Love is challenging

Love is showing up

Love is mutual

Love is intuitive

Love is kind

Love is rewarding

Love is responsible

Make time for love.

Live life lovingly!



Live life lovingly! 2

If you truly seek

You will find yourself

A heart full of love

Kindness and compassion

A kindred spirit full of passion

Is awaiting your discovery.

If you choose to neglect

To disown and be indifferent

To let go without a care or concern

What is left is lost in time

Nothing remains of it anymore.

Value the gifts of life in living

Like true love and honour it.

You have all but one life

To sense know and care

And intend to make time to live

The blessing called love.



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I am there by you

All of my creation

I hold dearly

In the palm of my hands.

I am your anchor

When you set sail.


I am there

To weather your storms.

So, sail on, dear child

As the cool winds blow.


Dare to explore

As much as you dream.

Your life is here

In this now.


Live it fully

With both hands, if you wish,

For I am there

To hold you

If you ever fall.

Keep the faith,

Trust and believe.

All is wonderful

When you truly do.

Faith is all there is

Without it, nothing is.




On Compassion 



Thoughts for every day!




Beautiful thoughts make a beautiful day… Savvy 

Whenever we are able to see beyond the physical characteristics and see the reason why a person behaves the way they do , and strive to be the best we can be , we are attuning ourselves to the divinity in and around us …. 


 Savvy Raj 


Be your own best friend!


Trust the self implicitly. 

Treat the self with dignity
Create your life by owning up to the person you are.
Value yourself enough to be yourself.

Care to be your own best friend!

As you heartfully accept and trust yourself,

The intuitive you already knows your path.

You will be guided to where you ought to be, 

And you will awaken to what you ought to do.

So, treat yourself lovingly.

Be an ally, not an enemy to yourself.

Care to be good to yourself

Because in sifting through this journey of life, 

It truly helps to have a friend in you. 

There is more to loving the self than what meets the eye. The heartfelt self-centering in every step of the way of evolving, from within to the without, is a deeper understanding that the world needs kindness even more. And it needs to move from core consciousness outward and circulate in the flow. 

As you feel comfortable in connecting with who you are, as you are, you feel comfortable connecting with the people around you.

Treat the self lovingly, the best you can, no matter the circumstances, and you will emanate the love that you sense from within all around you and into the world at large.

Life becomes easier and lighter to handle as you strengthen your inner spirit and move away from self-sabotaging behaviours.

Believe in yourself to be all that you can be; you owe it to the life in you. As you start loving yourself, you start to believe in yourself, and as you start to believe yourself, you begin to value your life, and as you begin to value your life, you begin to define the purpose of your being. 

A few tips to being your own best friend: 

Believe that you matter, and never ever take yourself for granted.

Trust your inner spirit; remember you are unique; and trust all is well. 

Keep choosing positive and pleasant thoughts, and care to step out of your own way.

Behave responsibly, and choose to live your life lovingly.

Respect and take care of your body, mind and spirit.

Love yourself as you are, but care to evolve for the better.

Savvy Raj

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Time to Care 















While we live at leisure in peace

Countless live in fear of war.

While we sleep safe, tucked in our bed

Countless are fleeing their homes

With rising terror and conflicts

There are countless deaths and destruction.

While we take our breath of air for granted

Countless gasp for a breath of air.

While we drink and make merry

Countless thirst for a gulp of water

While some children have pillow fights & pyjama parties.

Countless have no bed or clothes on them.

While we choose to waste the food on our


Countless starve, with no food to eat.

Many things we take for granted

Many things that we can help alter.

About time we cared in our sensing of the why.

As every one of those countless faces matter between the you and I.


Realization of  love, compassion and connection within and the ensuing actions in empathy is the beginning of  true wisdom.

Lets make way for a peaceful world.

Savvy Raj

Precious Life


‘Precious life’ by Savvy Raj

Inhale life let your senses invigorate

Come fall in love

With the many charms of your precious life😍

Savvy Raj

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Circle of Thoughts 10


A vision a verse by Savvy Raj


Thoughts may seem powered by their own momentum 

A concentrated effort of combining thoughts

Perhaps connecting these dots

Is not a random exercise after all.


Add belief add faith

add trust, some hope

The power to choose one thought over another

Is the intentional shift called a conscious choice.

Savvy   Raj

 This above digital artwork  Titled ‘Circles of thoughts:8 is a creative interpretation of encircling thoughts,

Presenting two micro poems  one after another here.The verses that follow is the tenth part of my series of micro poems on interconnecting thoughts.   Savvy 

To be contd … 

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Artwork by Savvy Raj

About the Author:

The Healing in the Giving.


Healing wounds of the heart and mind.

Time heals wounds and brings on wisdom as the pain settles in course. This helps in most cases when there are no answers for questions that have no end. Life is easier when time moves on and one lets things to settle without raising a storm.

Healing happens in accommodation and acceptance, in the understanding of an issue at hand as much as in acknowledgement and acquisition of a cure and the options available.
Intention begins the healing…
Actions takes the course
Cultivation of patience continues the healing
Dedication to the action ultimately heals.

So try to take care of any deviation disturbance and fluctuation from the path.

Healing the world through the art of giving 

 Give that which you may feel you have a lack for. Give of yourself more. And you will find giving the true nature of being.

There is an abundance of love within for you to realise. You just have to acknowledge its presence in your life. It is always in and around you waiting to envelop you for your own preservation.

It is the mental makeup that needs clarity amidst the reigning chaos. All the storms all the obstacles will be surmountable in the realisation of your potential to give more of yourself to yourself and then extending that to the world at large. The energy of love you help create has immense value to our world. Every vibration matters in space and giving positively manifesting with love and resonates the peace and goodwill across the dimensions. Such is the healing power of giving.

And our world needs this most in every moment … Care to give?

 Savvy  Raj


A love like that!

What is life if not sensed with the tenderness of the heart?

What is life if not sacrificed at the altar of love?

What is life if not moved from the depth of the soul?

What is life if not loved beyond the shackles of time?

What is life if not consumed sublime by the arrow of the heart?

What is love if not coached into nature of life by the nurture of love?

What is life if not cleansed through tears of yearning?

What is love if not set aglow through the embers of passion?

What is life if not basked in the warmth of love?

What is life if not pining in the patience?

As love conquers you, it blesses you in the knowing.

Make not a mockery of love.

Serenade love and allow it to speak truth.

Love surfaces from the depth of emotions

To mend you and this world a better place.

True love is eternal,

Free as bird in flights of oblivion,

Travelling in the abandon

Of the wilderness of the spirit

Yet bonded in the boundless infinity.

Endless love is a gift of grace.

Acknowledge this treasure,

Blending two souls in one

As a life loved is well-lived. It is such a rare sight!

What a blessing it truly is… A love like that!

Realizing the many miracles of life is also in knowing a love that can move your soul. We can consider ourselves lucky to have been touched by a love like that!


Image Credits: Artwork by Savvy Raj

Title: Heart Connects.