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Live Life Lovingly!

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All is one & one is all

Truths of life

Keep the whole of you happy

Every cell of your being

Acknowledge your entire being

And sense the interconnects

Of every beating heart

All is one and one is all.



A new beginning

A new day

A new role

A new path

Paving way

For the start of something new

Inhaling to align in the new

Exhaling to let go the spurious

All in hope, trust, faith

And belief in the way

Of true abundance.



Too blessed to be stressed!

Stress we all have

Some days less or more

But how we see our stress

Makes all the difference

Let’s channel it to matter less

Find ways to ease the self

And create a positive vibe

That makes life and living

Worth it.

And stay too blessed

To be stressed.


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Life lessons

Life lessons
( Translated by my mother from tamil forward)
The 9 laws of Karma

  1. Whatever we do in this Universe will come back to us.
  2. Nothing will come to us by itself. We have to work to get what we need.
    3 when we learn to accept certain things then only change will happen.
    4 when we change ourselves Life will also transform.
    5 We should realise that we only are responsible for whatever happens in our life.
  3. Past, Present and Future all are interconnected.
    7 We cannot think of two things at the same time.
  4. Our behaviour should reflect our thoughts and actions
  5. If we keep on thinking the past, the present will pass without living it.

Let there be peace and happiness everywhere. Let all prosper and live a fulfilling life.

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The Art of Slow.

Whoever thinks being slow is a weakness
Has not understood its power

In being able to slow down
The propensity to think carefully
To pay attention to detail
To be mindful & cautious
To work with precision
Steadiness and thoroughness
Increases manifold.

In slowing down, nature teaches
Great lessons in letting go
Like time cannot be contained
Moments are meant to flow
It’s own course
Yet the strength of the slow
Is in the ability to live the now
Recognizing the value of life.

There is an art of the slow
Where the senses activate
And creativity enhances
In thinking and reflecting
In careful consideration
Slow is challenging for some
Yet slow can be earnest practice of mindfulness
Slow begets a response than reaction
Slow can be about building up gradually
And exploring the possibilities
Of the potential in this now.

Slow can be a deliberation
In patience & perseverance
With  an effortless grace
Such is the art of the slow.


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Nurture the now

Life gives life

Life takes life

Live heals life

Life hurts life

Life nurtures life

Life tortures life

Life can be powerful

Life can be powerless

At any one moment

Such is the truth of life

In the river of time

Youth ages in time

Life moves on

In every moment at hand

Realize the preciousness of now

Sense the bliss in the blessings

From hands that raise you

For time takes a toll

What was, is not going to be

What will be we do not know

What is now, make it matter

Practice gratitude

Practice appreciation

Practice thankfulness

In this now.


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Seeing beyond looking

Beautiful thoughts makes the person beautiful ! Whenever we are able to see beyond the physical characteristics and see the reason why a person behaves the way they do , we are attuning ourselves to the divinity in and around us. Harmony beckons BRINGING PEACE , JOY AND ABUNDANCE.:)


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Wisdom of life & living

Grateful  for a powerful caption that caught my eye

Don’t bite more than you can chew.’

Denotes the wisdom of  moderation in life and living. To know a cut off point
Is to know where to draw the line between  exhaustion  and excitement.

Simply taking on more work or responsibility  or trying  to multitasking beyond  your abilities and capacities is self defeating.
So only commit to what you truly can deliver .
Not less not more.
So grateful to have read this many years ago. It struck a deep chord in me and must say I  have been trying consistently to  practice this advice in lifeand living.

Happy to share this simple yet profoundly impactful learning.



On Self care

Your body mind and spirit
When in harmony
Makes life and living easy…

How you see yourself
What you feed yourself
The way you treat yourself
The way you think
Life becomes it.

Be kind with yourself as much with others
Practice self care and compassion
Self care isn’t selfish

Exercise consistently
Think well
Stay strong
Eat healthy
Practice Hygiene
Make friends
Nurture connections.
Sleep well
Take care to relax
Enjoy the journey
Live life lovingly !


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Living or just existing…

It’s never just about existence
There is always more
To life and living.

Something  in the offing
Something  in the sensing
Something  that’s not yet palpable

To think we exist for ourselves
Is to have never existed to all
Forget about living life.
We thrive most
When we help each other thrive
That way we sustain  our thriving

Life is meant to be lived & loved
For all that matters in the end is
Have we lived or just existed?



Life lessons

Sharing nuggets of wisdom by my mother

If we walk on a thorn slipper , however soft the pathway be, we will be in pain. Neither we nor the path or surroundings , only the thorns are the reason for our pain which do not let us enjoy the other beauties of journey.

The negativity in our mind are like thorny slippers. If we have negativity in our mind , whatever be the situation, the accumulated negativity will not let us enjoy & will make our life miserable for both us & others surrounding us.

Our mind has a habit of searching and storing such negativities, making a strong imprint in the brain. To come out of it is entirely on individual’s efforts .
Our thorny thoughts & the chain of memories it brings along has to be cut off by our intentional effort to remember the pleasant & positive thoughts that gives us joy.

Momentary change is also the capability of the mind if we intend.
After all everything is transient in this life. Pleasure or pain, how long it will last is not in our hands. But the effort to make each moment happy is something we can try.

Spoken words and harsh actions cannot be taken back. We have to be careful with the words we utter. Do not get carried away by the momentary emotion which will make us regret later.

Peace is what everyone seeks.
Sound will not come with one hand. No one is without fault. The sadness is everyone of us thinks we are perfect and others are faulty. There lies the problem.

Another way is putting ourselves in other’s places & think what I would have done in such situation. May be we may have behaved worst.

Letting go of the past should be a continuous process. If we want peace, mere knowledge is not enough, consistent practice is necessary.

If our vision is not clear the fault is not in the eyes or the visuals. Just cleaning the accumulated dirt on the glass will make everything clear. Start cleaning the tarnished memories.

Remove the spiky slippers, cut off the horns , fangs and claws that troubles you . Bring out the positivity and the goodness in you.

No one to be blamed. Destiny sometimes puts us in hard situations without our faults. But That too will pass in its own time.

Patience & faith are the need of the hour. Compassion & kindness we give ,will come back to us when we need them.

Remember the saying. Happiness is as inside job.

Live happily & peacefully.
Have a blessed life.



Self Mastery

Self mastery is art of life living
In self control and self discipline
In discerning  for the self
In dedicated focus
In balancing  and regulating thoughts and emotions
On what matters most!

In the continuing battle
Between the heart and mind
Between feelings and logic
Of thoughts and emotions
Between expression of  emotions
And restraint in rationality
Between thinking  and doing
Often creating extreme experiences & situations. 
If one can practice self control  consistently…
One can master anything.



On Changes

Life presents new paths at every turn
Every now has new learnings.
The trick is to be present in this moment
To understand the evolving perspectives
To be one, with the changes that manifests
Be present. Be adaptable. Be receptive!