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The Journey of Imagination


Imagination begins with thoughts
There is great power in imagination
Imagination can heal or hurt
Stemming from infinite abundance.
Imagination draws from nature & nurture.


In thinking out  of the box
Raw & unstructured or uncontrollable
Resulting  in unexpected creativity
Exploring  potential possibilities.
Thoughts in a flow, forming patterns
Shapes moulding within a structure 

Meandering like a river
Or bursting like a volcano
Uncontrollable & quite unexpectedly
Often chaotic and welling up the feelings.


Imagination seeks to find its own path

Much of imagination is forgotten soon
Or gets lost in translation.

When imagination  is reinforced
In strength of inate potential of being
There is hope for inspirational  creativity
When imagination is reigned
In fear and ridicule
There is chance of darkness  of morbidity
Creating doubts and uncertainties.


Your Imagination is who you are
Imagination manifests through you
Yet in steering imagination
Creativity is born.
The source of thoughts arise from within
You have the choice to steer the course
In mindfulness the path of imagination
Can be witnessed and channeled.

The journey of imagination
Take you places you have never been.


Betwixt & beyond the illusions & reality
Through dimensions of time & space
To the quantum truths of your being
In expressing, exchanging imagination..
Innovations are possible.
The magic is all in the imagination
What matters is where you want to go!


To my dear friend Ali Anani, PhD  A few days earlier  I chanced  upon your imaginative & interesting post, 

My post The journey  of imagination is simply a flow of thoughts from reading  your post and a few comments. So a humble dedication of this post back to  you.Thank you my friend 🙏



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

10 thoughts on “The Journey of Imagination

  1. Resulting in unexpected creativity
    Exploring potential possibilities.
    Thoughts in a flow forming patterns by Savvy Raj

    I feel imagination is like a complex systems uncontrollable and forming patterns. This is a vivid imagination.

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  2. Beautiful

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  3. Imagination is Wonderful

    Magic is When A Friend

    Is Inspired by Another

    Friend And So



    Greater Than

    What You just
    Said to Another

    FRiEnD Beyond All

    Time, Distance, Space,

    And Matter of Causality

    Just More Evidence That

    Imagination And Creativity

    Is More Real than The Rest

    of ‘This Crude Matter’ As Yoda

    Another one of my Fictional FRiEnDS

    Says We Are ‘Luminous Beings’ The

    Gift is


    This Now

    Reality We Co-Create
    The Continuing Miracle
    And Magic Actually Breathing Now…

    SMiles Dear Savvy Happy International

    FRiEnDSHiP Day Always For All Humans Connecting
    With the Rest of Nature of Course in Union of What is Now..;)


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