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What’s your favourite style of dance, and why?


As a Ballroom & Latin dance educator, many students have asked me what my favourite dance style is…
It is said that each style is like a language. Personally, I also think of different dance styles as having a “mood” that goes with them. I guess it’s not surprising that I do like lots of “happy” or “joyous” styles of dance. But I really do like the variety of dances for the variety of moods and it’s amazing ability in bringing a sense of balance. If I was stuck to dancing in one style, I would probably get bored after a while (I know that sounds strange). But it’s one of the reasons I really like dancing a variety of dances.

The Tango (for its intensity and passion at play as much as its fancy footwork)

And dancing the Waltz (for the heady glide, the rise and fall and its romantic sway).

Love the Rumba for it certainly is the dance of love… the song Everyday I love you, immediately comes to mind. But this performance by Slavik and Karina is quite riveting.

Happen to like the Cha cha for its stylish moves as much as its teasing spirit …that kind of speaks, this is my move … now, what’s yours?

I love the Jive for its lively spirit. You can truly never be sad after a little Jive/ Swing and Rock and roll. What say? At least it has always been a happy dance for me.

Really fond of it as much as the Samba for its lively bounce, so full of joyfulness.

Then of course comes the Foxtrot that feels like a wonderful conversation a dialogue between the steps

I also like the Merengue with its simple marching steps and executing many inter-looping turns almost feeling like a pretzel.

And how can I leave the Bachata for its engaging sensuality as those dancing hips don’t lie, they say it all and much much more…

Dances are so many and styling makes it even more unique.

In fact, I enjoy all these dances and more for their unique expressions – just one style would get boring.

The trick is to flow with the music and your partner whatever the dance and partake in the pleasure of dancing together in the now.

To actually be able to enjoy dancing to the varied music styles that would be a real treat. All the more reasons to learn and train in more than just one dance style :))

Do share your thoughts on dance and if you love to dance, what your favourite style of dance is…

I would be glad to learn and read more.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

62 thoughts on “What’s your favourite style of dance, and why?

  1. Some of the clips are not available.I think one has to go to YouTube and check up.Thank you.I shall get back.Thanks.

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  2. Thanks again.Still some are unavailable.I tried in my mobile and iPad also.Let me try again after sometime.Thank you

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  3. I love dancing! We learned ballroom dancing back in the university and I loved all of it! 🙂

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  4. I prefer either slow dancing or a waltz (the Edlewiess or Lara’s Theme my favorites)… if I want exercise, (and no longer the dashing lad of yesterday) rather than do the Samba or Cha Cha, I’ll go to the gym… 🙂

    “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

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  5. My yesterdays disappointment,(since I was not able to view the video clips due to unknown reason),turned out a joy combined with pleasure in watching all the clips. What a great collection ! I am not a dancer ,know nothing about dancing,being Indian, am aware of the names like,Bharatnatyam,kathakali,Manipuri,Odhisi. When I listened to all of your video clips,I felt All are gems,and enjoyed thoroughly.Though my knowledge is zero as far as the variety and type and even format of each dancing style concerned ,I felt immersed myself while watching the ‘Second Waltz’,OMG,what an intense love and expression with the background music adding to the feelings.A little study about ‘Second Waltz’ told me about the movie ‘Cinderella’
    Over all you made my day and this made me realize one need not be a Dancer to enjoy the music and steps.Any body can enjoy.Neither one need to know the language.That is the Power of Music and Dance.

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    • Very happy to know you enjoyed them. What you mention at the very end on the Power of Dance is what my last two decades of sharing social dancing skills with the interested learners were about. In fact it is why I write about dance in the first place as the sense of positive connects with movement and it’s interplay can transform thoughts whether as an embodied viewer or learner.
      The truth is the more we open ourselves to the cultural diversity we come away with realisation of the similarities in the ultimate oneness of it all . If you are interested you would perhaps like to read one of my personal experiences while conducting a social dance workshop on samba for street children in Chennai way back in time. Somehow your words here brings me the memories of that day . So thank you again. Here is the link .BRIDGE OF JOY : DANCING
      Let me know if you are able to view it …may be will republish it here on wordpress as well soon .
      Like you rightly mention music and dance truly connects us all … such is the power of arts .🙂Have a beautiful blessed day!

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      • Thank you so much.Lots to learn from you.Thanks for the link.Sure. I go through leisurely and get back to you.


      • Hi,gone through your article on Bridge of Joy-dancing.Great to know that one of the kids readily joined you with Dappan Koothu in ready tune with your Samba moves. Such is the power and positive influence of dancing .Well said that music and dance are the language of the soul.Glad that you had a wonderful time with these kids and you cherish this even to day.Truly the credit is yours since you are the initiator of the joy among the kids and made them understand the soul of dancing even without knowing.Thank you

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        • Appreciate your kind sentiments on the article. It certainly was a memorable experience . Music and dance connects deeply without words simply in the action and response . Still remember the heartfelt joy on those children’s faces. Thank you for your generous words but truly soul stirring is the power of arts in connecting hearts in those moments and it’s capacity to leave lasting impressions.

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  6. Freeform for me. I love the art of all dancing, and for my own self, I don’t like to be contained when I dance.

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    • Where there are no rules that bound
      Where the music leads and you follow
      Where there is end and no beginning
      All is in the flow as you sense you are the flow…
      Ecstatic dancing indeed!

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      • Beautiful!!! I remember that post you did with the lady and man dancing in a sort of freeform out on a building! Wow! I still tingle every time I think of it.

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        • Thank you dear Anne for mentioning that. To dance is to find the freedom that you sense in your heart.
          Somewhere over the rainbow we want fly and yet find the sense of balance beyond compare in the core of our being … every movement matters indeed!
          Bonding with being bound… yes that sums up the feeling after all !

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  7. Yes, when we dance freely, all is right in the world.

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  8. Wonderful post Savvy !! I like to dance and i want to learn all of them!!!

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  9. Thank you and I take this opportunity to nominate for a 3 day lyric challenge.No hurry.You can take your own time and post your Favourite songs,lyrics or poetry. for another post from you .
    What exactly is Ballerina dance ? What it conveys ? I am curious.Thanks in advance.

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  10. I love dance and everything about it. I feel it is the best way of expressing our emotions out.

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  11. Well, I think as one from West Africa, we have a different style of dance quite different from the others. But I so much like the Brazilian dance style because it helps me a lot in football game

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  12. Due to the fact that I am a person that likes to try everything, including listening all sorts of quality music, I naturally had to try dancing (I tried Brazilian Zumba and English Swing). In general, I love many different types of dancing, like classical music (waltz, polka,…), disco music, rock and heavy metal (headbanging ;-)) and one of my favourite dance, that I start to dance the soon as I hear the music; “Lambada” performed by Kaoma…

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  13. Big fan of swing dancing and latin dancing because they are both fun and lively and I can really get moving!


  14. Wow! Loved them all. I learnt classical Kathak for sometime and it was fun. Also, during college days, I did try Salsa and Jazz… They were both fun! Dance is such a beautiful art form- I use it sometimes to detox 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this nice post. Im wanting to go back to my dance lessons ❣️☺️

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  15. I do not dance, but if I could, I would choose ballroom dancing. When I watch it, I can almost imagine myself doing it, but I am not the most coordinated person in the world, and at 74 with a hip issue, I doubt if I ever could do it. But at least i can enjoy watching others. I love ballet, too–but again, only to watch. I love the music for both types of dance. The closest I get to the dance is playing the piano or listening to classical music.

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    • Wonderful to know about your choice of dance! I can relate to what you say here … about your resonance with this form of dance as you are watching it.
      Age is just a number and whatever our health issues , it’s truly beautiful to remember that our heart is always beating to it’s own rhythms. We are all dancing after all!👍🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections here.🙏


  16. These people are incredible! If I were able to dance like that I wouldn’t stop anymore:) Thank you for following!

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  18. Slow jazzy songs. Where two people can be close and whisper sweet love words. I do like the Texas two-step. Nice pace and fun to do.

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    • Nice to know! And as far as the Texan twosteps goes, in those simple quick quick slow slows there is lot of room for creativity for the dancers themselves. Great scope for adaptability as well. Thank you as well for sharing about your favorite dance style and music.

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  19. You’re absolutely right. Each dance has a unique soul. It comes alive with the dancer and also livens the person. Very well expressed.

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