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What’s your favourite style of dance, and why?

As a Ballroom & Latin dance educator, many students have asked me what my favourite dance style is…
It is said that each style is like a language. Personally, I also think of different dance styles as having a “mood” that goes with them. I guess it’s not surprising that I do like lots of “happy” or “joyous” styles of dance. But I really do like the variety of dances for the variety of moods and it’s amazing ability in bringing a sense of balance. If I was stuck to dancing in one style, I would probably get bored after a while (I know that sounds strange). But it’s one of the reasons I really like dancing a variety of dances.

The Tango (for its intensity and passion at play as much as its fancy footwork)

And dancing the Waltz (for the heady glide, the rise and fall and its romantic sway).

Love the Rumba for it certainly is the dance of love… the song Everyday I love you, immediately comes to mind. But this performance by Slavik and Karina is quite riveting.

Happen to like the Cha cha for its stylish moves as much as its teasing spirit …that kind of speaks, this is my move … now, what’s yours?

I love the Jive for its lively spirit. You can truly never be sad after a little Jive/ Swing and Rock and roll. What say? At least it has always been a happy dance for me.

Really fond of it as much as the Samba for its lively bounce, so full of joyfulness.

Then of course comes the Foxtrot that feels like a wonderful conversation a dialogue between the steps

I also like the Merengue with its simple marching steps and executing many inter-looping turns almost feeling like a pretzel.

And how can I leave the Bachata for its engaging sensuality as those dancing hips don’t lie, they say it all and much much more…

Dances are so many and styling makes it even more unique.

In fact, I enjoy all these dances and more for their unique expressions – just one style would get boring.

The trick is to flow with the music and your partner whatever the dance and partake in the pleasure of dancing together in the now.

To actually be able to enjoy dancing to the varied music styles that would be a real treat. All the more reasons to learn and train in more than just one dance style :))

Do share your thoughts on dance and if you love to dance, what your favourite style of dance is…

I would be glad to learn and read more.



Every day I love you


To dance ‘the love of my life’....

‘To dance is to converse with your soul in oneness’


Well I have just sat down to write supercharged after dancing an improvised version of Rumba to one of my favourite songs ‘Every day I love you by Boyzone. Yes I love to dance and I willing and wholeheartedly share my love and passion for it with the world.

Well who ever told you about dancing by numbers has perhaps never learned to dance from the heart!😉 Beyond the number game … yes we may begin with counting steps though I find a lot of people like me who prefered to learn with rhythms of quicks and slows. I prefer to associate dancing with the heart beats and the breath of life itself . I also find that when taught this way the dance gets closely connected with the authenticity of you and your movements as you are.

After all dancing is being you!

The art of dance can introduce you to yourself and beckons you to know your limitless potential.


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Science of Wellbeing in the Art of Dance

Movements are energy in action.And movements in a dance can heal and transform lives for the better.


The physicality of a series of rhythmic or structured movement like in a dance creates a chemistry of changes to integrate the body mind and soul in a flow gradually towards health and vitality.


A few pointers to those who wish to dance to bring wellbeing into their lives .

When you dance …

Dance sensing the joy of movement. Feel the energy in the action

Dance your best but don’t showboat.

Dance with all of you,

When you dance

Leave all of your stress & worries away

Dance often whatever the dance!



Behind the Scenes

Feel like sharing a blast from the past. 

I wrote this as a self reflective piece, on what it is to be a teacher, trainer or educator and its varied perspectives in life and living. 

There is always more than what meets the eye…

# Behind the scenes

When I say I am a Ballroom and Latin dance form trainer… there is this natural association with everything glamorous, high heels, fancy bare all clothes, svelte tanned bodies , hairdos and glitter, there is youth, shows and events galore, a fancy personal life filled with parties and a fabulous nightlife life may be .

 Far from it is the truth, actually it’s so much more than just that, it’s about raising your conscious awareness in harmony and balance of the mind and body .

It’s about empowering your mind and heart with care and understanding of the relative nonverbal communication  sensed through the medium of movement as patterns. 

It’s about taking time to internalize at times complicated moves yet being able to be at ease with your own self so much that the strain of practice never shows.

 It’s about making friends with your mental physical and spiritual body and creating a dimension of composure and gratitude for another to be inspired enough to want to learn from you.


It’s a huge responsibility, to make a connection with a human being and sustain it gratefully whether it is for a class a, a dance or a lifetime. Savvy Raj 

It’s a huge juggling act more so, if you have other interests as well, professionally and even personally, being a mother, a wife, a daughter and most of all a free spirit. Its about understanding the perspective of the space in between all that you are and all that you want to be and managing your creative resources the best you can.

As one fine tunes the self to understand and accept the value of the pauses between our moves we reach to our potential heights gradually and learn to be at peace within and around us. 

In the truest realm when we focus on any art form it’s about bringing discipline and dedication in every aspect of one‘s life , learning and growing all the way .In the journey that‘s ever enriching,  with experiences that must be savored along the way.

Savvy Raj

Member International Dance Council