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The company we keep

I am sharing three quotes on the same lines…do share your thoughts.

A man is known by the company he keeps” Aesop

Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are.”Esmeralda Santiago

On Association

A beautiful explanation by Swami Vivekananda.

Today I take this opportunity to thank my fellow writers and readers who have been there supporting me in this journey 🙏



Believe & You can

An ability to believe in yourself takes you far. In self confidence is an energy that penetrates the insecurities and uproots fear and doubts in faith of Self belief.

Being open minded

Recently I came across a post about being open minded to wonder, than being closed to the world through belief. Being open minded need not make you a non believer in fact it is when you are able to believe that, there are other perspectives just as much as your own, is when you are truly open minded.

Positively impacting beliefs

Belief can be in trust that learning’s are about of what was and all is well in this now and hoping the best for the future. True belief is never a resistance but a bond in love trust faith and hope without feeling bound.

Believe & you can!

Belief can strengthen the living you in adversity belief can ease your thoughts in calamity
Belief can work to connect you to yourself
Belief is acknowledging in the strength of human potential, because you can!


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Crossing the Culture Threshold!

There is great power in words…
To  charm another,influence or drive a point home.

Engagement online can turn better on bitter in a split second.

It is all in the choice of words used to convey a message.
For there is much influence the words….such is the power of words.

Sometimes knowingly or otherwise  the way we express  or communicate   to another  by the words we may use may bring a chasm than  create a bridge.

Sometimes when we see another life, as beautiful and cant curb the need to express it away, we often get caught up in our own words and unknowingly end up …

Crossing the Culture Threshold!

What to one might be just a poetic expression

To another might be a glitch of discretion.

Express if one must

Feel free to feel the way you feel is the way to feel

But only as long as anothers peace you don’t unknowingly steal.

For at times in the surging words of emotion…

Arises unnecessary stress and discomfort.

Better to know the pause in the space between our steps

And value your edges in every move.

For in every positive step in discretion

There is simply the strength of trust without mention.

When I penned these lines they were specifically for driving the message home gently that no one can tread on another’s emotional space without permission especially online using the power and persuasion of words…

True respect for another being can simply be about letting others be.



Learning from a free spirit

Today I write about my dear and very loving father…

Perhaps the most uncomplicated man.

A paragon of the free spiritedness of a child.

He has an uncanny ability to be happy like a child.

What he desires are little things like a child.

Yes, he knows how to get what he  desires

But the happiness he feels & expresses, in the most ordinary things

That is his blessing of simplicity.

Life can be an epitome of adventure and adaptability.

It can challenge you & test your resilience & reserves

But to be able to be in touch with the inner child in you.

No matter how  life takes its toll on you

Is the strength in the vulnerability.

I dedicate these musings today to my eternally ‘young at heart’ father.

For from him, I have imbibed many beautiful learnings
Will share three, especially relevant here…

  • To be able to find happiness in the ordinary things.
  • To be able to stay hopeful, light & positive, no matter the density in the moment.
  • To think well of all and make way for happy thoughts and share goodwill.

  • God Bless You Dad!



    A Good Life!

    Love life,
    Laugh more
    Dance often
    Appreciate life
    Hope for the better
    Feel  good
    Express kindness
    Think well
    Believe you can!

    In all the positive moves you make…

    You Create A Good Life!



    A Matter of Attitude

    Between the ‘will do’ and the ‘might do’

    With a ‘will do’ attitude
    A lot can happen
    With a ‘might do’ attitude
    Lies the difference
    Between the done thing
    And the may be done.

    Perhaps it is the certainty
    That emnates from confidence.
    That makes things happen
    It is all, in the way
    You perceive as you project.

    Keep the faith going strong
    For people trust your words
    Your belief in yourself
    Shows, in the way you carry your self

    Attitude makes all the difference
    Life will evolve for the better
    Until then, what truly matters
    Is your positive attitude!



    Verses in flow… Day 1

    I am starting an experimental journey and would like to invite you to be a part of it.

    Everyday for the next seven days I will be writing and sharing a few verses in flow that you can choose to continue as well. Would love to explore the connection in what evolves through the week and see the interweaves in the interconnects.

    Day 1 Truth

    Everything has a beginning
    Nothing can materialize
    Out of nowhere.
    The beginning holds the truths

    Acceptance is the key
    To the entire journey.
    Make peace with it, make amends
    It helps smoothen the ends.



    Why this Prejudice?

    Why this Prejudice…
    Of running life down
    Of praising one gender
    Of shaming one another

    Why these violations…
    Of human life
    Of dignity?
    Of personal freedom

    Why these exploitations…
    Of weak by strong?
    Of bullying
    And aggressions.

    Life is meant to live
    To express itself
    For itself!
    Its not born to be at mercy!

    What makes one life
    Assume superiority
    And think it has power
    Over the other?

    Let practice respect for one another
    Then teach children
    To respect the differences
    And acknowledge the diversities.

    Our pride and prejudices
    Have only caused war and illwill
    Let us share empathy & goodwill
    And let go our hatred and malices

    Let us not discriminate
    Every colour is beautiful to see
    Every life has a reason  to be
    Just as you and me.



    Promises to keep until I sleep

    To keep my heart
    Healthy and happy
    To keep my mind relaxed and attentive.
    To breathe easy and practice the let go as much as I can.
    To nourish my body & mind with self-care and choose balance in thoughts words and deeds.

    To nurture, heal and replenish the self
    With positive intentions reflections and contemplation.
    To keep a good company of friends.
    To steer thoughts and cultivate humility, kindness, and mindfulness.
    To choose to pause and speak with awareness in response than reaction

    To respect and value life in this body.
    To respect another’s right to be.
    To sense the spirit of freedom.
    To value the freedom of another being.

    To create and acknowledge peace and positivity within and around me
    To spread goodwill at every opportunity.
    To learn and understand more and help by using my skills for the greater good.
    To be conscious of the preciousness of life and living.

    To sense the truths of creation, the infinite abundance.
    To see the beauty in the ordinary.
    To never forget to be humble, grateful, and thankful
    For this life in this now!

    To live and let live
    To enjoy the living me and live than just exist.
    And most of all to Live life lovingly!
    These are a few of my promises to myself that I could think of that resonates deeply… hope to keep working towards them with all my heart and soul.
    What are your promises to yourself?
    Do share.



    Paving the way for Oneness

    I am saddened when I come across the mention of race by color. I am saddened that still people are called black or white or brown or yellow.

    We are called out for the shades of our skin, when the truth is, we are so much more. We cannot be confined or defined by narrow eyes.

    The fact is, people, see colors differently, and they may not see all the same colors while seeing the same things. There is research on how our individual brains react differently to different wavelengths of light.
    Technically speaking the colors we see is an illusion created by our brain. We are not yet certain exactly how animals see perceive us and in which colors.

    Why then this prejudice in words to describe life.
    Humanity knows no color or creed.

    Why are we still resorting to identify people into boxes, giving way to mental pictures, and conformity?
    We are capable of liberating ourselves to see the bigger picture.

    A dance article recently published an article that sends out a message of how Misty Copeland is a black dancer who succeeds.

    Yes, we have an unequal world filled with all the ‘isms’ and the issues they bring along. It is unfair and discriminatory and biased in so many ways. Not just in race, but in species, gender, age, weight, height, class, creed, caste, religion, status, authority, education, power, and wealth.

    Yet the inner light of the being surmountable all odds. And life shines through the heart of the movements.

    The world must come together, as it is time to release these frames of false convictions and find in itself the ability and strength to support one another in the power of life that’s beating within us all.

    Let us see beauty and talent in all colors and not attribute efforts and success to any color by birth.
    When we remove reference of being a particular color we bring to light the truth of the soul and the spirit of freedom to be.

    In that light, everything is illustrated in the illumination from within.


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    The Unfurling

    Unfurling its petals. Photograph by Savvy Raj

    Allow nature to recover

    To unfurl it’s own way in time

    Have patience for it is wise.

    Its wisdom is rooted in creation

    Let it regenerate as it is meant to.

    Nature knows not favour nor hatred

    Nature follows it’s own laws

    What goes comes around

    Every life has a purpose

    Let life unfurl itself

    For it’s meant to bloom



    Whose work is it anyway?

    What boredom, no time for boredom!
    says my seemingly exasperated friend in India on the phone.
    With the complete lockdown and most on’ Work from home status ‘majority of families are struggling to cope with rising demands of the family be it the seniors at home, children and of course pets as well. The families are now suddenly having no house help, the quintessence of urban class living.

    Compared to the Western world in India still, the lure of cheaper labor force makes a household helper available to all. But in the current scare, there are no maids, let alone cooks or gardeners. Except for those who may have a live-in helper which is not often the case.

    Suddenly the ‘Work from home’ status actually registers the truth. For it is truly challenging for most families who have never bothered to make their own bed or do dishes or cook ever. In fact, there are many who wait for someone else to make their tea or coffee or get a glass of water.

    In these hard-pressed times the major part of the work comes to the women of the household still, in spite of all those talks of women’s liberation that goes on doing the rounds every year around early March.

    To all the women, who have suddenly vowed to prove themselves superwoman please take it easy.
    A little dirty corner, neglected kitchen shelves, not a four course meal, everything is acceptable. But not at the cost of your own health. Remember your falling sick at these times will be disastrous especially if there is no one to take over from you !!
    Stay safe

    The women are left with no options as the demands keep on rising as those who are at home are hungrier than ever with time to kill.

    There are, of course, some of those evolved households where all are contributing their bit. The onus of responsibility needs to be shared, else it will make every day a living hell.

    If only more young parents of today teach all their children both sons and daughters equally to cook, clean and do housework as a part of life skills training so that they also know how to manage a home when they have one, the lives of so many future families will be truly much easier.

    As we see it, the future is here with new challenges and unless we are all equipped with basic survival skills and takes into account, ownership, responsibility, and teamwork and move beyond gender biases, it is truly tough to live through times like these.

    How are you and your families managing this interim period?

    Stay safe and healthy!



    We Can Heal The World

    Our world is meant to heal
    But it needs our support
    More than ever before.

    We need to do the needful
    We have to stay safe
    We have to be careful.

    The truth is we are all vulnerable
    And each of us is responsible
    For one another’s life in every now.

    It is our duty towards life
    That is entrusted to us
    And the lives that are connected to us.

    Time to take every step safely.
    Time to tune inward to understand
    The healing is in the tuning .

    Healing is in our thinking.Think well
    Healing is in our listening. Stay safe
    Healing is in our praying. Pray heartfully.

    Let’s heal our world from where we are!



    Make Peace Not War

    Every weapon made, adds to the fear
    And false satisfaction of keeping you safe.
    You can never be safe, when at war
    Every armor is simply a pointer
    Of the state of things.
    Of the need of peace than war.

    Every need to create ammunition
    Shows the truth of retaliations.
    Revenge in fear or dare is never the answer.
    Resolution is where peace makes its way.

    If we must be led, let us be lead
    In strength of patience.
    To explore possibilities
    Let us choose to disarm.
    Let us disengage and make amends.
    Let us choose peace than war.
    Let us find the middle path
    In reconciliation.
    Let us recognize the wrongs done.
    Let us learn to undo the mistakes.
    And move in harmony and oneness.
    That is when we can together
    Heal the world in peace
    And make it worth living.



    Life & Living

    All one needs to do

    Is experience the journey

    Cos the destination

    Takes care of itself!