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Verses in flow… Day 1


I am starting an experimental journey and would like to invite you to be a part of it.

Everyday for the next seven days I will be writing and sharing a few verses in flow that you can choose to continue as well. Would love to explore the connection in what evolves through the week and see the interweaves in the interconnects.

Day 1 Truth

Everything has a beginning
Nothing can materialize
Out of nowhere.
The beginning holds the truths

Acceptance is the key
To the entire journey.
Make peace with it, make amends
It helps smoothen the ends.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

13 thoughts on “Verses in flow… Day 1

  1. Truth is…
    and it stands alone
    waiting to be acknowledged
    waiting to be proved

    Faith speaks,
    with an echo our being responds
    to truth we are awakened
    let the journey begin

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  2. We aRe Beginning
    End Never Finishing
    ALWaYS STarTinG Eternally
    Now Roots Branches Dance Leaves Sing Falling From Our Living Trees
    SPRinG Green
    We Continue Breathe🌲

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    • Interesting to read..
      This flow with the nature
      Of the thoughts in the verses.
      Yes let us all breathe free
      And continue to contribute
      To nature
      For we are nature
      And nature is us. 🙏

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      • Smiles Nature Consumes
        Nature At Best Giving
        Becomes Receiving
        Complete Whole
        Symbol of A
        Snake Now
        Its Tail With
        No Separation
        In This Way We aRe
        Equal We Breathe the
        As Long
        As We Do🌍😁🎶

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        • Yes indeed.
          Beyond the illusions
          Of the give and take
          The Circle of life
          Holds the truth
          All is one.

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          • At Best River is
            Time All is Flow
            Story We Tell
            And Do oldest
            Human communication
            Oral Tradition Of Free
            Verse Dance
            And Song
            Where Soul
            Includes More
            Than Just
            inDeed Now
            Soul Becomes
            Free Dance And
            Song to touch everyone
            This Way again With
            Eyes and Ears Remembering
            How To See And
            Hear With Feat
            Of Dance Song Free
            Smiles Savvy Lovely
            To receive Reciprocal
            Social Communication
            In Free Verse Flow in
            All my Travels online
            In The Poetry World
            You are only a third
            Person i have
            Met Capable
            Of this on
            The Fly of
            Life Takes
            So Much
            As Free
            Verse Dance
            And Martial
            Arts in Free
            Air and
            Water i Dance
            With a Hand
            This Way
            When i Become
            The Weight of
            The Towel
            Of God’s
            Free Flying
            On Terrestrial
            Land With Wings
            So much more of
            An Accomplishment
            Free than only
            On Water hehe
            Have a Nice
            Dear Savvy🕺☺️ 🎭

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            • Truth finds its ways
              To set itself free
              The soul finds its ways
              To set the spirit free
              Keep the dance of the verses
              Flowing my friend
              Humane connects
              Find its roots
              To grow some more.
              Keep dreaming keep dancing
              Keep envisioning keep evolving
              Thank you & God bless you .

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  3. Truth is one,
    Whichever way you see it.
    It never alters.

    God is one
    Whatever name u call it
    Ekam Sat

    The beginning holds the Truth.
    So wonderfully wriitten.

    Truth is God.

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  4. I like this, “everything has a begining, that’s where the truth is. Acceptance is the key”

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  5. Thank you Kinge for highlighting this. Truly appreciate 🙏


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