Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


Little things

Many drops of water

Make an ocean

Great things always begin

With the little things

Success is a matter

Of every small step taken

Such is is the power of little  things

For together they can make a big impact.

Enjoy the little things in life 

Attend to the little things that come by

For someday these little things

Create a meaningful world.


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Life & Living

Whenever I come across a heart touching action, or a prose ,a poem or quote I will be sharing it here in this series…

Some people make the world a better place by their thoughts words and deeds...

Sharing a touching story of truths of life and living…


When Billionaire Femi Otedola in a telephone interview, was asked by the radio presenter, “Sir what can you remember made you the happiest man in life?”

Femi said: “I have gone through four stages of happiness in life and finally I understood the meaning of true happiness.”

The first stage was to accumulate wealth and means. But at this stage I did not get the happiness I wanted.

Then came the second stage of collecting valuables and items. But I realized that the effect of this thing is also temporary and the lustre of valuable things does not last long.

Then came the third stage of getting big projects. That was when I was holding 95% of diesel supply in Nigeria and Africa. I was also the largest vessel owner in Africa and Asia. But even here I did not get the happiness I had imagined.

The fourth stage was the time a friend of mine asked me to buy wheelchair for some disabled children. Just about 200 kids.

At the friend’s request, I immediately bought the wheelchairs. But the friend insisted that I go with him and hand over the wheelchairs to the children. I got ready and went with him.

There I gave these wheel chairs to these children with my own hands. I saw the strange glow of happiness on the faces of these children. I saw them all sitting on the wheelchairs, moving around and having fun.

It was as if they had arrived at a picnic spot where they are sharing a jackpot wining.

I felt real joy inside me. When I decided to leave one of the kids grabbed my legs. I tried to free my legs gently but the child stared at my face and held my legs tightly. I bent down and asked the child: Do you need something else?

The answer this child gave me not only made me happy but also changed my attitude to life completely. This child said: “I want to remember your face so that when I meet you in heaven, I will be able to recognize you and thank you once again”.

What would you be remembered for after you leave that office or place?

Will anyone desire to see your face again where it all matters?

Think! Live your life in a manner that others desire to see your face again.

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The ground truths of any relationship in time..

Two ways of thinking….
Familiarity breeds contempt
While the absence makes the heart fonder.


All seems wonderful  in the beginning
As time goes by time takes its toll.
Straining the togetherness
Cracking apart at its seams
Creating distances and gaps that grow
Making the memories sustain in hope
Or seek a closure in forgetfulness.


In isolation and silence
Seeds of thoughts find time to germinate
In both exclusion or seclusion
The heart longs for companionship
The thoughts turn to fond remembrances
Of bygone memories  of the good times
Life tries to recall & recreate those times.
To salvage what is left and cherish
Knowing the priceless treasures it brings.
Hence the absence  makes the heart  grow fonder.

Life moves on and finds new beginnings
Yet in adaptability & flexibility
Nature continues its pathway
All comes a full circle.
Such is the circle of life.




Ways of Nature

I came across a very unique post on Social media…that I want to share here today…

Someone collected these tree branches and called them Nature’s dance” ❤️
Artwork : Chris Kenny – Dancing twigs

If you actually want to see

You will see the Dance of Nature

In every leaf and flower

In every bud and bloom

In every twig and tree

In every turn and twist

Of nature’s creation

There is the grace of uniqueness

Of wisdom beyond compare

All knowing, all pervading

To this Omnipresence …I bow

In Gratitude to this Grace


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Soul Enrichers

Soul Enrichers…

I do believe the journey of life, broadens the mind and brightens the spirit if we are ready to acknowledge the unfolding gifts of connections. along the way.

In my journeys across the world earlier, as a Dance Educator teaching and speaking about dance applications and approaches there have been some amazing people both in the dance circuits and otherwise,who I have had very fascinating conversations with…

I want to share a bit here about some of these beautiful people from across the world who I had a chance connect with, nothing planned,yet meeting them was truly soul enriching to say the least.

Would like to begin the first in these series of posts with Emily Berry who is now a dear friend.

Emily, the beautiful intelligent woman with an Indian Soul all the way from New York … who dances with all her heart and soul 🙂

Emily Berry is the Artistic Director of B3W Performance Group, which has performed in the US, England, Greece, and Mexico...

We met in 2014 Greece, while we were representing our own countries at the World Dance Research Congress.

In her own words…

“I strive to create a safe space for students to learn, explore, question, and become independent thinkers and movers. In technique courses, I address each individual student’s unique body in order to help them develop their technique through muscle re-patterning. Students learn anatomical awareness and tools to help them move past road blocks.

In theory, improvisation and composition courses my main goal is to help student’s find their own voice. Creating a judgment free space is essential so students are not afraid to explore new movement possibilities.”

Professor Aviva Geismar

Berry’s choreography has been tackling such issues as race, the glass ceiling, domestic violence, women in prison, and war since 1995.

Today, brought in a beautiful memory of a time when I had an amazing afternoon walk with her, while at the Acropolis museum Athens.

I remember how a shared a common love for all things dance… got us interacting post our dance workshops and rest just fell in place!

We conversed like we have known each other from years ago…

‘Beautiful places… Beautiful memories ‘💙


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To all the dancers

To all the dancers and those who choose to waltz with life….

As dancers we are a lucky lot!
We are totally able to dance with time…
Move with it on time,
Or take the offbeat road to reverse and revel the joy of reflections in the rivers of time.



Let go & let flow.

You are blessed

For you have the power

Of choice with you

So choose what to accept

And what to let go!



Nurturing nature

Nurturing aspect of nature

Is deeply embedded in its ways

When leaves dry out and fall

They are meant to nurture the earth

Nourishing it to grow again

Such is the self-sustaining ways of nature.

Nothing is wasted all is fuel to growth of another

All in the strength of interconnections in  the interdependence.

To nourish and nurture

In the circle of creation & regeneration

So much to learn of its resourcefulness

Nature nourishes and how!



Learning from a free spirit

Today I write about my dear and very loving father…

Perhaps the most uncomplicated man.

A paragon of the free spiritedness of a child.

He has an uncanny ability to be happy like a child.

What he desires are little things like a child.

Yes, he knows how to get what he  desires

But the happiness he feels & expresses, in the most ordinary things

That is his blessing of simplicity.

Life can be an epitome of adventure and adaptability.

It can challenge you & test your resilience & reserves

But to be able to be in touch with the inner child in you.

No matter how  life takes its toll on you

Is the strength in the vulnerability.

I dedicate these musings today to my eternally ‘young at heart’ father.

For from him, I have imbibed many beautiful learnings
Will share three, especially relevant here…

  • To be able to find happiness in the ordinary things.
  • To be able to stay hopeful, light & positive, no matter the density in the moment.
  • To think well of all and make way for happy thoughts and share goodwill.

  • God Bless You Dad!



    Looking through…

    What lens are you looking through…

    Are you
    Wearing lens of compassion
    Having the lens of humour
    Cleaning the lens for clarity.

    Invoking the lens of intelligence
    Expressing through the lens of emotion
    Respecting the lens of honour.

    Are you Looking through…

    The lens of wisdom
    Or of ignorance?

    The lens simply magnifies

    What you see…

    For thats what its meant to do!

    Its all in what you are looking through…

    All is in the envisioning!



    Do more

    Reach a  little  beyond
    Extend a little  more
    Move a little  more
    Add one more step

    As you reach a bit more
    Your vision expands
    Your understanding improves
    Looking back, notice lessons learned

    Step up and walk some more
    Reach out to help someone
    Do more than you think possible
    Be generous & grateful,without regrets.

    Touch a life,leave a kind word.
    Reach out a helping hand,
    Extend a heartfelt prayer for another
    Share a smile & go make someone’s day!


    A matter of tuning…

    Breathing in the tunes

    Singing the songs

    Mouthing the lyrics

    Playing in the right pace

    Keeping time with the music


    Purpose of being

    A few reflections…

    Your life is not just your own, thinking so is an illusion.
    You are meant to be all that you can be.
    You have a purpose that is larger than your self.
    You are meant to live & reach out and be expansive
    You are meant to merge and emerge in the new circles of connection.

    The choice of being true to yourself is yours to make
    The patterns you create help expand the universe.
    The connections you make in your lifetime leave a pattern in the grid for another to sense and evolve in time.
    No two patterns are alike as the patterns are unique to your being.
    Your purpose then is to live your life to the best of yourself.

    Reach out to make a connection and experience the realms and yet staying true to your centre.
    As you learn your way back home, more will find their way back home in time and space continuum.
    To be Continued.



    Owning the roots

    The last seven days of verses in a flow was an interesting experience. Have tried to connect them all together here. Thank you all for your likes and support every day and those of you who cared to pen their thoughts, deeply grateful to to those who have been joining in and making it even more memorable.

    If you would like to visit each of them and read some of the beautiful responses in verses…
    Here are the links :

    Verses in Flow

    DAY 1 Truth
    DAY 2 : Roots Day3 : Reason
    Day 4 : Live
    Day 5 : Life
    Day 6 : Connect
    Day 7 : Grace.

    Have compiled it all together here, to share the strength of the interweaves in the interconnects… hope it reads well!

    Owning the roots

    Everything has a beginning
    Nothing can materialize
    Out of nowhere.
    The beginning holds the truths.

    Acceptance is the key
    To the entire journey.
    Make peace with it, make amends.
    It helps smoothen the ends.

    Your roots matter
    From the time you are born
    Your rearing and nurturing
    Your life experiences.

    The people involved.
    Your parents teachers and friends.
    All make you who ever you are.
    Along the way, all the way.

    You learn the ways of the world
    In every experiences by far.
    Remember to never be indifferent. Accept all as part of your story.

    No matter the good or the bad.
    Make peace to progress.
    There are no roses without thorns.
    Everything has a reason to be.

    You may want to paint your life.
    Till the last detail .
    Choose to use all the colors in your box.
    Paint your vividity!

    Fear not, dare to try living
    In Authenticity
    You have one life,
    Choose to live vibrantly.

    You have had the good and bad Countless times in life
    You have been challenged
    Over and over again.

    Value the moments of victory. Acknowledge the learning in defeats Take them all by your stride.
    For the circle of life moves forward…

    Yes you have come far.
    You may have a new reality.
    You may sense disconnect.
    In parts of your journey.

    Yet care to remember
    There is a night before the dawn.
    Your present always has a past.
    Like with everybody else.

    To know your self is good.
    But to accept your truths.
    As you are is better.
    And living lovingly is best!

    For in moments of despair.
    To the heights of your glory.
    The grace of gratitude.
    Will give you peace of being.



    Verses in flow…Day 4

    I have started an experimental journey and would like to invite you to be a part of it. Everyday through this week I will be writing and sharing a few verses in flow that you can choose to continue as well. Would love to explore the connection in what evolves through the week and see the interweaves in the interconnects. Verses in Flow
    DAY 1 Truth

    DAY 2 : Roots Day3 Reason

    Day 4 Live

    You may want to paint your life
    Till the last detail
    Choose to use all the colors in your box.
    Paint your vividity.

    Fear not, dare to live in authenticity.
    Count your blessings
    You have one life,
    Choose to live vibrantly.