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A matter of tuning…


Breathing in the tunes

Singing the songs

Mouthing the lyrics

Playing in the right pace

Keeping time with the music


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “A matter of tuning…

  1. Savvy Raj: My kind of music is classical


  2. Ocean Waves Dance
    Making Air Sounds
    Of Wind Come to Life
    Vocal Chords Sing Now
    Waves of Air Passing by
    We Make Orchestrating
    Winds We Vocally
    Sing Symphony
    of Song We
    Winds We Flavor Breath
    EXPReSSinG Emotions now
    Feelings Senses Energizing Our
    Organic Beings Now From Head
    To Toe Below Beyond Subatomic Level
    Touching Others in Empathy
    Mirror Neurons
    Each Other
    Happily as Children
    Do Before Forming Words
    Just Free Verse Dancing And
    Singing Together Feelings Senses
    so Free to Give and Share with Other
    Senses Rule
    Without any
    Instruction at all
    Yet a Chorus Naturally
    Comes as one or more
    Small Children Naturally Form
    A Moving Dancing Singing Band
    Of Feeling Sensing Delight of Just Being As We aRe
    Anyway Piano Strings Are Vocal Chords extending
    Music Dance And Song of Soul More Percussion
    of HeART Beats Drumming Hammer Head Keys
    Moving Our HeARTS
    indeed with Every
    Drum of Dance
    And Song
    of Note
    Dance and Sing
    As SoUL EMoTioN Breathers
    Smiles Without a Song in my
    Soul to Express the Dance of
    my Fingers on this Keyboard
    Not only would the Music
    Stop but the Words
    Would No longer
    Come to
    Indeed this way
    Dance is Song
    And Song Is Dance
    Our Human Oldest And Truest
    New Ways of Communicating
    Reaching Deeper Coors of
    Human Soul Within
    Inside Outside
    Above So
    All Around
    Dance And Song
    i don’t think i could
    stop my Music now if i tried
    but True it didn’t Play Before
    And Sadly i had no Words.. Really
    in my 40’s.. i couldn’t find Words to Even
    Say At Work.. i waited and they wouldn’t come
    And then an Epiphany of Sorts i Played my Piano
    And they Came Again at Work to Play Hmm.. so Science
    Shows Now it’s True As We Dance With Feet or Fingers
    on a Keyboard it is Non-Verbal Language That Lights Up
    Our Verbal Language Centers in Singing too so yes again
    Dance is Song
    And Song
    is Dance
    Wanna Dance
    Sing Wanna
    Sing Dance
    For True
    it is the
    Emotions that
    Are the Glue of all
    our Laser Focus Short Term
    Working Memory And Overall
    Cognitive Executive Functioning
    Music is Emotions Dancing Is Song
    of Music And Singing is Emotions for Dance
    First Dark
    Then Light
    Big Bang
    Now We Come
    to Dance And Sing
    With Symbols that
    Breathe Our Emotions
    And Senses as Words Become Soul too
    on this Written Page of Letter Sculptures

    In FLoWinG Free Verse Poetry True…

    Generally Speaking the More Mused
    i am by The Dance And Song of Emotions
    The More i write.. hehe true this is where this Flood
    Comes from Dance And Song Holding Hands to Exhale my SoUL NoW
    a bit
    of a
    it will surely
    Blow Waves
    of Emotions more
    Song of my Dancing Soul to give
    and share all the way free for now at least..:)


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