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Owning the roots


The last seven days of verses in a flow was an interesting experience. Have tried to connect them all together here. Thank you all for your likes and support every day and those of you who cared to pen their thoughts, deeply grateful to to those who have been joining in and making it even more memorable.

If you would like to visit each of them and read some of the beautiful responses in verses…
Here are the links :

Verses in Flow

DAY 1 Truth
DAY 2 : Roots Day3 : Reason
Day 4 : Live
Day 5 : Life
Day 6 : Connect
Day 7 : Grace.

Have compiled it all together here, to share the strength of the interweaves in the interconnects… hope it reads well!

Owning the roots

Everything has a beginning
Nothing can materialize
Out of nowhere.
The beginning holds the truths.

Acceptance is the key
To the entire journey.
Make peace with it, make amends.
It helps smoothen the ends.

Your roots matter
From the time you are born
Your rearing and nurturing
Your life experiences.

The people involved.
Your parents teachers and friends.
All make you who ever you are.
Along the way, all the way.

You learn the ways of the world
In every experiences by far.
Remember to never be indifferent. Accept all as part of your story.

No matter the good or the bad.
Make peace to progress.
There are no roses without thorns.
Everything has a reason to be.

You may want to paint your life.
Till the last detail .
Choose to use all the colors in your box.
Paint your vividity!

Fear not, dare to try living
In Authenticity
You have one life,
Choose to live vibrantly.

You have had the good and bad Countless times in life
You have been challenged
Over and over again.

Value the moments of victory. Acknowledge the learning in defeats Take them all by your stride.
For the circle of life moves forward…

Yes you have come far.
You may have a new reality.
You may sense disconnect.
In parts of your journey.

Yet care to remember
There is a night before the dawn.
Your present always has a past.
Like with everybody else.

To know your self is good.
But to accept your truths.
As you are is better.
And living lovingly is best!

For in moments of despair.
To the heights of your glory.
The grace of gratitude.
Will give you peace of being.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Owning the roots

  1. There is an act of combining entwining: dare I say, just being you… Being ever mindful of finding the better way

    Savvy Raj this was earthy and essentially grounding… Forget not the journey of Love….


  2. Yes indeed. All is in the strength of the rootedness.Thank you.


  3. Beautiful Savvy
    Fibers We Paint
    Grey Scale Beyond
    Rainbow Colors We
    Dream Master Peace
    of Life in Harmony
    Beauty of
    We Continue
    To Create Weaving
    All of Life’s Dreams
    Together Loving Fruition Fearless
    Master Peace Painting indeed Smiles..:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • What we see is not all
      What is all we may not see
      But in between the colors
      Of the spectrum there is more
      Which we perhaps haven’t’t sensed as yet
      Between the strings of sounds
      There is music we are yet to hear
      There are so many shades and tones
      All between the darkness and light :))

      Liked by 1 person

      • SMiLes Dear Savvy Now What Makes
        me so sad is to Hear a Young Person
        Say ‘is this all there is to Life’… when
        The Facebook Likes No Longer Feel
        And Sense Like Life When
        the High Definition
        Colors of TV
        All Start
        to Look the
        Same Colors of Life
        What i seek to Teach New is
        That it is possible for our Souls
        To Feel and Sense More Colors
        All Across the Life Span Never
        Ending Now as True We
        Are Nautilus
        Shell Creatures
        With the Ability to
        Build More Elaborate
        Colors And Winds of Life
        to Spirit See and Touch More
        Better Yet to Give and Share for
        Free what is Lost is what we are
        yet to seek and find and the best
        Part of all is what
        is Next this
        The Mystery
        The Treasure
        DarK Thru Light
        Shadows Thru Sunshine
        We Find Next to Open Clouds
        More Colors of Life Rain to ‘See’…
        For it’s true
        When my
        Started almost
        7 years ago i had
        no idea what Colors
        of Soul More Would come
        All Around More and each
        And every Dance Friends with
        Gravity i find a New Color Sprouting
        Within Wild Flower i Dance And Sing even More Free..
        Smiles i intuit
        You come
        From a
        Place of Soul
        Nice to meet you
        on the Paths of Life Soul Free..:)


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