Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!



The way of the Waves
Nature teaches us in every way
We learn the way of being…

One of the biggest learning
From the waves is knowing 
How to let yourself go…

Being free of baggage
And accumulation.
Not withholding.

In learning to let go
You find yourself at ease

In the lightness of being.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

9 thoughts on “Waves

  1. Intrinsic Value of letting go is that you can move on to a higher value of Living Life Longingly… Savvy Rag you connect the dots of waves gone by to the dots present and future… my dear- T
    hank you so much

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    • Thank you for your thoughts and appreciation.
      Every now is interweaved to the past as much as the future. But we cannot be in both past or future, what we can be, is have gratitude for the lessons learned and be present in the now, while acknowledging there are lessons in the future as well to learn from .
      In every gentle awareness of the ways of how the circle of life interweaves its patterns in the tapestry of lives we begin to align ourselves.And begin to understand the potential of this now.
      Every step we take then, is from a conscious choice we can make.🙏
      To live live lovingly!
      Have a beautiful weekend 😊


  2. Nature is a great teacher, the lesson on being a valuable one. Not to resist but to flow with the current.

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  3. Dance Now of
    Life Song of Love
    Move And Repose
    Spin Torsion Spiral
    A Wave
    Just Sing
    Just Breathe
    Indeed Let go
    Just Be i Am Free See🌊🎶

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  4. Such is the circle of life in the flow!

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  5. SMiLes Savvy What i find in Life
    is When i Free Dance in Spirals
    That is What Opens Up All My
    Soul of Creativity Holy in Flow
    Sacred Dance Teaches
    me Song is what
    i See of the Lesson
    Dance Brings the Milky
    Way the Golden Spiral Phi
    Flow Moves through all existence
    When Unfettered and Chaos Magic
    Free as Colors of Wild Flowers not planted
    By Human Instructions and Lessons indeed
    Just Nature Nautilus Chambers And
    Hurricane Winds of arms
    Peace ‘Chi’
    As We All
    Do When Free
    indeed Circle of
    Life a Never Ending
    Spiral Pattern of Sunflowers
    Roses GRoWinG Cats and Babies
    Curling Still in Fetal Rest Position of Peace
    And Harmony
    of Loving
    A Spiral
    Dance of
    Love Comes
    Again with Just
    A Song to Teach
    Us Where We Are Going Freer Now
    i’ve Never Met an Unhappy Dancer
    At Least When they Are Dancing Free With Wings
    In Flow Sings..:)


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