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With its force of velocity
With its force of resistance
With its force of buyouncy

The pressure of the water
As much as the torrential flow
Is a force of nature.

Relentless in pursuit
And persistent in its perseverance
Such is the nature of water.

Our body is made of water
Water is both patient and resourceful
All is in the channeling in its flow.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Water

  1. Lovely Portrait of Water You Paint Savvy; a gift
    it is of Everlasting Beauty to make our Breath Last in Balance;
    Resilient in Grace, Water Naturally Loving Is For Giving Life Strength;
    You’ve been very Welcoming Here; in Fact, like Water as Water Fears
    Neither Waves or Ocean
    As Water is all Three
    in Harmony
    And Flow
    In Peace of Night
    Or Day of Existence;
    in Honor of Water i bring
    a Gift; a Story of ‘Oreo the Cat’ to You,
    originally i wrote it about 7 Years ago
    coming then out of Numb and Pain of 19
    Medical Disorders, 66 Months; recovering
    with the Light; the Miracle of Love Re-Born
    in me again One with the Beach Standing
    Blessed With Water, Living in me again then…
    Today, is the 7th Anniversary of my existence on
    Word Press and the continuing flow of these words
    now at measure of 8.4 Million Words that might not
    exist if not for the Encouragement of a Brand new Friend
    as i was already somewhat tired of writing at Least 4 Million
    Words then for 33 Months from wake to sleep; Just trying to get
    my mind off Pain and Numb from the Literal Suicide Disease then…
    Back to Oreo the Cat then a scrappy 7 Pound or So TomCat a Mix
    of Tabby Tuxedo Cat Black And White; i was walking around the
    Block after really miraculously recovering from
    all that Soul Killing Disease; and He
    Grabbed me around my Leg
    That Night and telling
    me in his way then
    exclaiming, Don’t
    You Forget, ‘i saved
    Your Soul’ for i remembered
    what he did as Neighborhood Stray
    TomCats Naturally Do Protecting their
    Territory for Basic Subsistence to Survive;
    ‘Sunny Boy’, who we could only guess was
    the Son of Our Cat ‘Yellow Boy’, who was an inside
    Cat because he was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia;
    Sunny Boy, Wandered Up to Our Home on Christmas Day of
    2012; It was amazing He looked Just like our Cat Yellow Boy;
    i had lost all my Emotions then for 5 Years; a hardest part
    was never having a single tear; just all dried up for all those years…
    truly an empty
    place with
    No living
    Water Within
    of anything that
    resembled the Feeling
    of Love or any feeling at
    all except pain and numb…
    as close as i could get to Love
    Were Cats; they were always my
    Friends when Young when my peers
    taught me i was too odd to deserve to exist…
    So, like Yellow Boy, who was Feral and Wandered
    Up from our Back-Yard Forest Woods, We Fed and
    took care of him, until one day Sunny Boy walked
    up with Horrible Wounds, Tears of Flesh on his Face;
    the same thing happened to Yellow Boy, for the Scrappy
    7 Pound Oreo TomCat Delivered Claws to Yellow Boy’s Face
    Protecting His Territory too… what eventually got Yellow Boy
    Diagnosed and Locked in a home forever not to infect Other Cats
    Outdoors… so, we took Sunny Boy to the Vet in the Same Carrier that
    We took Yellow Boy, some Months before… and sadly the Vet Brought us the
    News that Sunny Boy Had ‘Kitty Aid’s and he might survive his wounds and he Might
    Not but what he would do for sure is take the disease to infect the Other Neighborhood
    Cats or Yellow Boy if we Tried to Bring Him Indoors;
    i had lost all the Value i saw in Life as Love
    Within… it was so hard to make
    a decision Like that to
    take anything
    Away from
    Part of Nature
    but we made the
    Difficult Choice the
    Vet recommended;
    then something happened
    i never expected then; my First
    Tear in 5 Years… My God That Sadness
    Felt Like Heaven in Hell; even though i still
    could Leg Press 500 Pounds that day was the
    Only Day i felt Strength in my Legs Again; so weak,
    they felt before, Just Pain And Numb all over my Soul
    it took a while to fully
    Recover and feel
    the Love again
    But that Day
    Oreo the Cat
    Taught me the
    Lesson of Dark Brings Love Again;
    indeed, every Tear is a path to Heaven…
    For Oreo Wasn’t only Dark Oreo Was Light too..
    Other than that His nickname was also ‘Devil Cat’

    Yet a Dark Angel Light in Disguise…

    We Forgave him…

    For True, Without
    Forgiveness for ‘Devils’
    Love Doesn’t Exist as Dark is Light..

    For It is also True That Humans Who
    Have Been Harmed Most in Life
    Are often The Kindest oF All
    As Long as they
    Turn to Love
    For Victory
    in Hope even
    when Hope is gone
    and never give up;
    Vengeance is the
    Other Way in Fear
    As Hate; Blessed are those who seek and find
    Light again; the Water of Love That Never Runs out to return again..
    As Clouds Cover Sun And Indeed Bring Rain; Living Water For All of Us to Breathe..:)

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    • First of all Congrats on your 7 year Anniversary. Thank you for sharing your truths.
      Life is both exquisitely beautiful & excruciatingly challenging often in the same breath.
      But no two moments are alike and time like a river flows on…
      Glad to read that you have arrived at space of reckoning and your writing is a part of the healing process…
      That itself is a very liberating in itself.
      Words let you shape your inner chaos into a pattern that flows through you.
      And beautiful to read about Oreo…. Animals are evolved beings and we have much to learn from them.
      God bless them.

      As for the light and dark…If we care to sense…
      There are so many emerging tints & shades in between and betwixt that are yet to be explored & understood …
      But the circle of life goes on for life is meant to be all it can be…
      And Hope is unending and here to stay !
      God bless all.🙏

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  2. “Life is both exquisitely beautiful & excruciatingly challenging often in the same breath.
    Words let you shape your inner chaos into a pattern that flows through you.”
    SMiLes Dear Savvy FRiEnD i’ll Quote Your Two Lines Here
    For Core Truth in Life
    For ‘The Rivers
    of Belief’
    Do Come
    in Flow Out
    of Restraints
    of Past and Future ‘Time’
    Transcending All Worries
    And Fears and just Rising
    As FRiEnDS With Gravity Will
    Naturally Do in Balance Even
    If Hope Leaves as a Feeling THere
    is the Will to Never Give-Up And it is True
    Those Who
    of Love
    Keep Us Moving
    One Step Ahead
    Even in Dungeons
    top Dark to See as Tunnel of Lights Ahead
    God Bless All yes With You and All You Love too…:)


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