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Walk for Wellness


Informative share

Interestingly , 50% of a person’s bones & 50% of the muscles, are in the two legs.
Do walk

▪️The largest & strongest joints & bones of the human body are also in the legs.
3-7k steps / day

▪️Strong bones, strong muscles and flexible joints form the Iron Triangle that carries the most important load i.e. the human body.”

▪️70% of human activity and burning of energy in one’s life is done by the two feet.

▪️Do you know this ? When a person is young, his/ her thighs have enough strength , to lift a small car of 800 kg !

▪️The foot is the center of body locomotion.

▪️Both the legs together have 50% of the nerves of the human body, 50% of the blood vessels and 50% of the blood is flowing through them.

▪️ It is the largest circulatory network that connects the body.
So walk daily.

▪️Only when the feet are healthy then the convention current of blood flows , smoothly, so people who have strong leg muscles will definitely have a strong heart. Walk.

▪️Aging starts from the feet upwards

▪️As a person gets older, the accuracy & speed of transmission of instructions between the brain and the legs decreases, unlike when a person is young. Please walk

▪️In addition, the so-called Bone Fertilizer Calcium will sooner or later be lost with the passage of time, making the elderly more prone to bone fractures. WALK.

▪️Bone fractures in the elderly can easily trigger a series of complications, especially fatal diseases such as brain thrombosis.

▪️Do you know that 15% of elderly patients generally, will die max. within a year of a thigh-bone fracture !! Walk daily without fail

▪️ Exercising the legs, is never too late, even after the age of 60 years.

▪️Although our feet/legs will gradually age with time, exercising our feet/ legs is a life-long task.
Walk 3000-7000 steps

▪️Only by regular strengthening the legs, one can prevent or reduce further aging. Walk 365 days

▪️ Please walk for at least 30-40 minutes daily to ensure that your legs receive sufficient exercise and to ensure that your leg muscles remain healthy.

Do share this valuable information with all your friends & family members, as everyone is ageing on a daily basis…


Path of Equanimity

Peace begins in our hearts

In our actions in awareness

Peace spreads its wings

Unfolding its magic

Interspersing the seeds of peace

In the hearts of humans

When we embrace ourselves

With all our conflicts and chaos

With our inexplicable challenges

We embrace the peace

Already deeply embedded within

In between and betwixt

The rest and movement

Peace regenerates itself

In the middle path

Peace finds its balance.

In the path of Equanimity



Irony of Balance

On Balance & Imbalances


Enables evenness

In distribution

Ensures equality in varied elements

Or even propelling proportionality.

Empowers a sense of steadiness.

Without lose of control

Balance is grace in movement

Balance is grace in stillness too

Balance is also about being in equipoise

In envisioning or even in the sensing

A state of equanimity in the being.

Where all is well.

Yet the irony of balance

Is the equilibrium is subjective

To the opposition to balance

In a state of unrest and uncertainties

Doubts and fear creep in unexpected

Creating imbalances in its own path

Little knowing the state of balance

Are the very reason for wellbeing.



Sun & Moon

Learnings from the Sun…

Being hopeful that there is a new dawn

Being awake to possibilities.

Being warm and cheerful by nature.

Sun is the epitome of the joys of light.

With its life affirming brilliant iridescence.

Learnings from the Moon

Being accepting of oneself as is

Being allowing of the changes

Being aware of what to let go.

Moon emotes through her phases every night.

Shining her beautiful moonbeam

across the night skies.

The moonlight soothing the soul.

Sun and Moon are celestial beings

One a sign of hope and positivity

The other a symbol of peace and reflecting calm.

Relentlessly appearing and disappearing every day and night,

In the circle of life and living.



Pink haven

Photo credit @godive2000


Such tranquility

Peaceful pink haven

Beautiful serene places…

A lovely moment of reckoning

To breathe in and sense

The glory of nature

In all its Springtime expressions.



Edge of balance

Balancing on the edge of balance

Our lifes, hopes and aspirations

Have a different meaning

For they are sensed in vividity

Tethering, quivering in the now

To the preciousness of time.

Silent in the stillness of being

No matter the applause of achievement

Success takes on a fresher perspective

With all at stake in this now

So very embedded in the vulnerability

In the river of time.



Learning from a free spirit

Today I write about my dear and very loving father…

Perhaps the most uncomplicated man.

A paragon of the free spiritedness of a child.

He has an uncanny ability to be happy like a child.

What he desires are little things like a child.

Yes, he knows how to get what he  desires

But the happiness he feels & expresses, in the most ordinary things

That is his blessing of simplicity.

Life can be an epitome of adventure and adaptability.

It can challenge you & test your resilience & reserves

But to be able to be in touch with the inner child in you.

No matter how  life takes its toll on you

Is the strength in the vulnerability.

I dedicate these musings today to my eternally ‘young at heart’ father.

For from him, I have imbibed many beautiful learnings
Will share three, especially relevant here…

  • To be able to find happiness in the ordinary things.
  • To be able to stay hopeful, light & positive, no matter the density in the moment.
  • To think well of all and make way for happy thoughts and share goodwill.

  • God Bless You Dad!



    Stepping out of our own way!

    We are Magical beings in the flow
    Such is the truth of creation
    Yet often we are blinded by our own self
    Clouding  our minds with density
    Of thoughts and doubts
    For we are so full of ourselves
    Our illusory pride and prejudices
    Out  assumed notions and convictions.
    That we forget we are part of the infinite abundance.
    With immense potential in the possibilities.

    If only we can believe 
    In our being and choose to trust
    In the purpose of our being.
    Acknowledge with awareness
    The spirit of life and living
    Choosing to thrive in the flow.
    Learning  to allow and accept
    The unfolding cosmic patterns
    By stepping out of our own way!





    Good writings have the power to change your mood, from gloomy to happy, inspire, and motivate.
    Without readers, the writings however good, are like the beautiful moon shining over a desert.
    Though the writers, may write for self-expression, the appreciation of a reader motivates them to create more.
    They both are complimenting each other.
    If good writing makes even one reader happy the writing has found its purpose.


    These are a few words from my mother’s reflections on Writing and Reading which I found deeply inspiring. I take this opportunity to offer my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all my readers for after all there is no writer without a reader.





    The truth hurts and heals

    Truth seeks out itself

    Truth is able to enable

    The seeker with reserve

    To bear and see-through

    The facades of illusions.

    For truth knows itself

    That it lies embedded

    Enshrouded and embalmed

    To reveal itself unscathed.

    Truth cannot be restrained & shackled

    In imagination and indecision.

    Truth cannot be locked and chained

    In the doubts of insecurities.

    Truth is within & out there

    The truth appears when it wants

    To touch the core of the being.

    Truth knows and understands.

    Truth hurts and heals itself.


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    Enhance in every now.

    Purpose of life is to evolve for the better. Wherever we are, however we are, humanity always finds a way beyond the trials and tribulations.

    We are meant to thrive beyond the adversity.

    Enhance your self

    Self isolation can be challenging but need not be as difficult as it seems.

    A few things that can make isolation easier to bear and productive as well.


    Creating a schedule. Writing down things to do or learn in a day is a great start.
    Having a routine planned, help a great deal.

    Keeping channels of communication open.

    Speak to people , listen to others well.
    Express yourself through arts , pick up a book to read or a hobby you can learn in this interim period.
    Care for your self. It makes you feel good about yourself.
    Arrange your wardrobe.
    Do all the things that you feel you never had time for.


    Listen to some soulful or foottapping music.
    Start a conversation on the phone. Many are feeling lonely or overwhelmed and overburdened. Offer to listen and empathize. One of the important aspects of doing this exercise is it changes self perceptions and brings an understanding of the world beyond the limited self.


    Take care of your health, eat healthy.
    Be engaged physically mentally emotionally & spiritually.
    Look up at the stars at night.
    Watch the blue expansive sky in the day.
    Hear the sounds of waves, if you can.
    Even in a recording…waves gives a repetitive, soothing rhythmical relaxation experience that can smooth out the creases on your brow.
    Ease in, to time your breathing with the waves.

    Try this one .

    These are a few ways to create a personal space for yourself in your mind and heart spirit and soul no matter where and how you are.
    Hopefully it may help in some way to ease through this phase we are in.

    Every positive step matters a great deal in

    Praying for the world to heal and recover.

    Stay safe stay healthy where ever you are.



    Art of People Management

    Whether at work or in family or socially we all may have encountered people who are extremely difficult in behavior to the point of putting people down, having arguments and fights in every interaction.

    Often in the first meeting with another, within seconds our brain is gathering information creating its impressions on them and we seem to be convinced somehow on many things about the person. Our intuitive instincts comes to play .That is where our system involuntarily associates pieces of information and puts it all together. We may be right or wrong but that’s another story.

    But the truth is we know how we feel about the person. Most importantly.
    when we are put in a situation, we simply know, we cannot see eye to eye with the person at all and feel we just cannot handle them.

    Our body often gets into a flight or fight mode . Our stress hormones increase and our nervous system is on an overdrive. This can be often a cause for major health issues in the long run.

    Clearly we feel we are not equipped to handle such a person’s energy and we may come away angry or depressed in every meeting with such people.
    It is time then to read more into the equation.In such moments of frustration one thing is very clear no matter what we say or do we cannot change the other person.

    They could exhibit any of this range of behavior from being non cooperative, uninterested, dominating & aggressive dismissive, prejudiced, overpowering, controlling, overwhelming, angry , and even too powerful.

    There is one thing however that is still within our abilities. If we cant change them then take a look at how we can change the way we perceive them as a threat to us. And why would we want to do that?
    Well we owe it to ourselves. It is our body and it is the one that is getting affected in every such situation.

    So what do we do when we have to deal with such difficult people?And what can we do to reset our system.

    The truth is that it is not easy facing and encountering such an environment on a regular basis. Every thing said or done seems to backfire and there is unreasonable behavior and even simple communication seems to get difficult by the day.

    An immediate countermeasure is that we start with taking deep breaths.
    This shifts the bodily reactions and resets it from fear to relaxation. It actually works on calming our frayed nerves and easing the body inside out by reducing the state of panic and pressure on the body to react in such circumstances. Simply put, it distracts the mind and body to channelling the rhythm and flow of energy.

    Secondly we take a moment to pause and rethink how we are addressing situations ourselves.
    At times we are not very inclusive.
    And perhaps may have unknowingly hurt someone by our own assumptions and actions.

    We need to start with using, more of ‘us’ and less of’ you ‘ when we speak.
    That way we show we are in it together.

    Thirdly we need to disengage and keep healthy distance if possible with people that are negative and volatile. They are simply not worth the effort or time.
    Choose to see if the situation is even worth engaging and indulging in.

    Counting slowly to ten still works when situations are reactive, as it would give you time off to respond mindfully and space to assess the circumstances.

    And lastly ensure we give the benefit of doubt and try seeing things from their perspective and check if perhaps we could be more reasonable.

    Our abilities to observe us as part of process, will help in minimizing any misinterpretation on our part. That way we become more proactive than being negative about communicating with the person.

    However,there are extreme scenarios at times, when we are faced with bullies who actually are very insecure within and may also perhaps have been victims at one point of time. We then need to adopt measures that ensure personal safety and that there are witnesses before interacting with them.

    So let us always remember… we are the ones who need to take the necessary steps to change for ourselves because we are the ones who are getting affected.
    For ultimately we owe it to ourselves and our health is most important to us.



    Adorable Tree

    “A tree nowhere offers a straight line or a regular curve, but who doubts that root, trunk, boughs, and leaves embody geometry?”
    ~George Iles

    The above collage of artworks is based out of one of my photographs of this adorable tree I pass by every time, during my walks in Rennes France. I then enhanced my photo digitally and I am sharing the artworks out of my photography of this tree. I am always amazed how this tree would look different during different times of the day. And the changing weather would make it a treat to capture. While I clicked the pictures I couldn’t help notice the play of light on the tree and how its autumn leaves would shine through.

    Sometimes there is no logic,

    It is just the nature of being.

    It may seem like just any other tree but for me this beautiful tree lives in my heart forever.



    Empathy Matters

    Today’s ever changing corporate environment calls for new kinds of people management skills.
    From managing teams to peoples problems and handling customer service,an empathetic approach helps create a positive difference and transform work culture.

    So what is empathy after all?
    Empathy is about being able to perceive and understand another’s point of view using their frame of reference.

    To sense the flow of the moment with another.
    To communicate with & be able to understand another’s perspectives insecurities and pain points.

    Empathy is a positive approach aimed at improving teamwork and building teams , bridges gaps of communication implementing changes through appreciation, support & encouragement than unnerving others with negativity & criticism that can be rather demoralizing.

    Empathy can create and build trust and rapport that you can tap into. In using empathic responses, problems can find meaningful and lasting solutions.

    In using empathy with skill, you show respect & value for another.

    There is a huge wave of empathy oriented approaches in businesses across the world. This is truly valuable and must be encouraged.

    After all empathy is a main contender in a list of skills that show emotional intelligence quotient of an individual.


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    Art of Acceptance

    True learning happens when we realize we are the teacher and we are the student.

    And life teaches the greatest lessons without anyone uttering a word or at times in just the sheer presence of a good soul.

    Likewise, as we live from our heart and open ourselves to realization and acceptance of new possibilities… true living happens!