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Good writings have the power to change your mood, from gloomy to happy, inspire, and motivate.
Without readers, the writings however good, are like the beautiful moon shining over a desert.
Though the writers, may write for self-expression, the appreciation of a reader motivates them to create more.
They both are complimenting each other.
If good writing makes even one reader happy the writing has found its purpose.


These are a few words from my mother’s reflections on Writing and Reading which I found deeply inspiring. I take this opportunity to offer my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all my readers for after all there is no writer without a reader.





Writing & Reading

Sharing a poignant prose I came across that says much and is very relevant to the state of being in the world we are in.

Happy reading & writing to all my fellow readers and writers.


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On sharing responsibly

To write is to express life from your perspective.
To read is to understand life from another perspective.

Both interweave in the joy of expression and explorations
Of discovering the truth of life in the magic of words.
Respect to the writers & readers who can spread unspeakable joy
And leave a positive impression  through mere words.



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To the writers who have mastered the art of story telling                                                 Keeping the world safely engrossed  in these troubled times
Gratitude to all those who write and share with care
Ensuring to share words and thoughts
And make the  world feel a little better than before
My deepest appreciation
For, in the darkest of spaces
Even a little light of positive words & verses
Leaves the place  a little more lit.
And every word can leave a lasting impression!





Power of words

Our thoughts have power
And so do our words

Do you even know how blessed you are?
Your being there is enough!

Feeling so grateful for all I have!
I believe all is well…

Just with these few words above
You have forayed rightaway
Into the vibration of resonance
A shift towards positive mindsets
Into the dimensions of healing awareness
Through the sound of these spoken words.

So take stock of your potential within
You have so much going for you
Remember to believe
In the power of your own words

There is much you can do for this world
to transform for the better.
And it can start with you…
Good thoughts good words
Can be a start…
Think well, Choose well Speak well!


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Writing as I know it…

On Writing

Writing is a liberating experience if you care to steer your thoughts and string them in words. Every writer has many or no reason about what and why they write …

It is the most natural thing to do or it is a task to brings even two words together. It is an integrative experience or a chore to get done with depending on our attitudes, to begin with.

Writing is an art of construction of an abstraction,  it can help evolve mass consciousness and propel new consciousness.

Writing is a trustful companion at your behest whenever wherever or a taxing exercise.But every writing is unique just as the writer behind it.

Reader and a writer  a dance of symbiosis 

 There is an invisible bond that forms between a writer and reader a relationship that thrives if it is of mutual respect and understanding. As both are giving away their precious time of their lives in the writing and the reading. Ideally, it is a symbiotic relationship as there can never be one without the other. Both are valuable and contribute deeply in their mere presence.

A reader is as necessary to the writer as ink and paper as without a reader the writer will have no reason to put down thoughts in written format .. And if there is no one yet at least for the self to read on.

A writer matters a great deal too. To an avid reader of a certain writer, every word gives a unique connect. Sometimes writings can be shocking and jarring while some caress in the fluidity of the flow. It is but a matter of choice and with the freedom of will comes a great responsibility….

Writing can set free deep-seated emotions and in such freedom is the underlying responsibility…

Writing is a responsibility as once writ,  the words have great power to stir  emotions and  touch hearts ,  to enthuse or infuse hope or hatred . So it is imperative to exercise  awareness through every word written and published.  Savvy 

Why I write 

I write when I am charged with an idea an inspiration. Or perhaps when there is nothing else to do.

I write to balance my emotions whenever it needs equilibrium.

I write to flow with the moment with a thought that aligns as it calls on me and as I write at times emerges into a pattern in prose or verse.

I write to understand better when thoughts overpower…overstimulate the mind.

I write to let go of all that comes to my mind which I feel and hope can make a positive difference somewhere to someone reading me.

I write at times in deliberation too to process and synthesise new understandings.

I write to unshackle from the many convictions I may unknowingly hold. As I write they break loose from restrictive spaces and help to align my thoughts in the sifting.

I write to express the bounties of life that I’m blessed to enjoy in gratitude.

I write to sense the bliss of being with all of me in the moment.

I write to express myself my way.


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