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On Writing (Part2) : Being a Guest blogger for the first time …


My earlier post today  ‘Writing as I know it 


makes me want to share my bit about the guest blogging experience.

Guest blogging now this was something I had seen instances of other people doing it.  The reasons could be many from simply promoting your site to increasing traffic on the site.  It is basically about publishing your work in another’s blog site. Your writing meets a new set of readers organically and you learn from the perspectives.  My first guest blogging has brought me a few like-minded and varied writers upfront and that is wonderful as well.

There are many blog sites which offer guest bloggers posts, all you need to do is to send your work and if accepted you are on.

Just the experience of it all, to understand how it works, that is the reason I tried Guest blogging for the first time.

Here is my first guest blog on the ‘Circle of Life’ and the unending hope in humanity….

Have a go at it and if you wish to and do contact and connect with Sue Vincent’s blog  Not only will you find her very warm and welcoming but also some amazing writers sharing their inspirations. And am pretty sure you will find many takers for your style of writing as well. 

Thank you, Sue Vincent, for the opportunity!

 Savvy Raj

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4 thoughts on “On Writing (Part2) : Being a Guest blogger for the first time …

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  2. It was my pleasure to have you as a guest, Savvy. 🙂

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