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Wisdom of Change


Knowledge is one thing. Understanding is quite another. Knowledge needs constant up-gradation as it is never ever constant in the  time and space dimensions.The pathway to true wisdom is in acknowledgement of the potential possibilities of the new or yet unknown.

The wisdom is in the knowing beyond knowledge to…

Think universally and act globally to begin with and see the structure in the chaos and relate to the rhythms in nature.

 To follow along the infinite beginnings all leading to the same place :’Your true self’.

And in a knowing that allows you to exercise free will to be who you are.

And  that thoughts are but a tool for the  thinking process that allow you to  process the integration of the self and the entire cosmos.

Self and beyond 

Is there a distance and a difference
If so how far and of what

Physical and social
Mental and psychological
We may think immediately.

We may be set apart in time and space yet are so similar in vulnerabilities.
Persevering in hope and knowing the truth of mortality..
We breathe the same air live in the same world

We learn to see a wisdom in the changes,   in the interrelation,  in the interdependence,
In the interconnects.

So in the wisdom of  the wise the wiser and the wisest .
Is the understanding of the knowing  behind the knowledge
To make sense  beyond their meaning.

And in the knowing,  change begets wisdom
To accept from ordinary things can permeate untapped wisdom
That the ‘ordinary’ possess nuggets of ‘Wisdom’

In the knowing is the learning
Then there is no search, all is within
The change the changer and the changing.

Savvy Raj

Change is inevitable, but you are the one in charge of how the change impacts you  and how you respond to the changes.  Dare to dance with it! Dance with life!

 Savvy Raj

About Me:

Artwork by Savvy Raj Titled:  ‘Swirling in Circles’

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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