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Power of Celestial Light

We are reborn every night

As the beam of sun shines upon us

Every day, we are restored with hope

And faith in the consistency.

Every night awakens to a new day

At the dawn of light

Darkness gives way even in the presence

Of a single ray of light.

Such is the power of light

To instill hope faith and trust

In the possibilities awaiting us.

To envision and uncover our undiscovered light.

To overcome the shadows

As they recede & fade away

For light makes the world more beautiful

As nature is all aglow, in its pristine glory.

So if you are feeling overshadowed in this now

Keep the faith, for your ray of light

Is just around the corner to meet you.

Keep the faith! You will step into the light!


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On sharing responsibly

To write is to express life from your perspective.
To read is to understand life from another perspective.

Both interweave in the joy of expression and explorations
Of discovering the truth of life in the magic of words.
Respect to the writers & readers who can spread unspeakable joy
And leave a positive impression  through mere words.



woman in brown long sleeve shirt holding a book

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To the writers who have mastered the art of story telling                                                 Keeping the world safely engrossed  in these troubled times
Gratitude to all those who write and share with care
Ensuring to share words and thoughts
And make the  world feel a little better than before
My deepest appreciation
For, in the darkest of spaces
Even a little light of positive words & verses
Leaves the place  a little more lit.
And every word can leave a lasting impression!




Making the most of it.

An interesting story share that conveys the importance of making the most of lifes difficult situations…. do read.

After 60 years of ideal married life , they had no secrets between each other. The wife’s only request was not to ask anything or open the wooden box she had kept in the attic. The husband respected that.

On her deathbed the wife told the husband ok. I want to tell u everything. Pl. Bring the box on the attic.

When he opened the box, there were 2 woollen dolls, his wife made and 10 lakhs. in cash.
The wife explained,when I came newly married to your house my grandmother gave a wise advice. She told never to argue with you for anything. If I’m angry she told me make a woolen doll which I was good at. I practiced that all these years.

Only 2 dolls. The husband was so happy he made his wife angry with him on only 2 occasions in theses 60 years.
What about the 10 lakhs? he asked.
Oh! That is the money I got by selling the other dolls I made.


Body likes it best when you…dance !

Dance, it feels wonderful when you do.
Dance for your life to feel at ease.
Dance when you feel like and dance often!
Dance makes it all worthwhile.

Your body feels light and easy, as you dance.
The trick is to keep flowing
With the moves and continue dancing
As long as you enjoy the feeling…

Dance is not meant to harm the body.
But to heal your body and mind.
Integrating the spirit within you
So keep dancing …whenever you choose
For the body likes it best when you dance!



Art of People Management

Whether at work or in family or socially we all may have encountered people who are extremely difficult in behavior to the point of putting people down, having arguments and fights in every interaction.

Often in the first meeting with another, within seconds our brain is gathering information creating its impressions on them and we seem to be convinced somehow on many things about the person. Our intuitive instincts comes to play .That is where our system involuntarily associates pieces of information and puts it all together. We may be right or wrong but that’s another story.

But the truth is we know how we feel about the person. Most importantly.
when we are put in a situation, we simply know, we cannot see eye to eye with the person at all and feel we just cannot handle them.

Our body often gets into a flight or fight mode . Our stress hormones increase and our nervous system is on an overdrive. This can be often a cause for major health issues in the long run.

Clearly we feel we are not equipped to handle such a person’s energy and we may come away angry or depressed in every meeting with such people.
It is time then to read more into the equation.In such moments of frustration one thing is very clear no matter what we say or do we cannot change the other person.

They could exhibit any of this range of behavior from being non cooperative, uninterested, dominating & aggressive dismissive, prejudiced, overpowering, controlling, overwhelming, angry , and even too powerful.

There is one thing however that is still within our abilities. If we cant change them then take a look at how we can change the way we perceive them as a threat to us. And why would we want to do that?
Well we owe it to ourselves. It is our body and it is the one that is getting affected in every such situation.

So what do we do when we have to deal with such difficult people?And what can we do to reset our system.

The truth is that it is not easy facing and encountering such an environment on a regular basis. Every thing said or done seems to backfire and there is unreasonable behavior and even simple communication seems to get difficult by the day.

An immediate countermeasure is that we start with taking deep breaths.
This shifts the bodily reactions and resets it from fear to relaxation. It actually works on calming our frayed nerves and easing the body inside out by reducing the state of panic and pressure on the body to react in such circumstances. Simply put, it distracts the mind and body to channelling the rhythm and flow of energy.

Secondly we take a moment to pause and rethink how we are addressing situations ourselves.
At times we are not very inclusive.
And perhaps may have unknowingly hurt someone by our own assumptions and actions.

We need to start with using, more of ‘us’ and less of’ you ‘ when we speak.
That way we show we are in it together.

Thirdly we need to disengage and keep healthy distance if possible with people that are negative and volatile. They are simply not worth the effort or time.
Choose to see if the situation is even worth engaging and indulging in.

Counting slowly to ten still works when situations are reactive, as it would give you time off to respond mindfully and space to assess the circumstances.

And lastly ensure we give the benefit of doubt and try seeing things from their perspective and check if perhaps we could be more reasonable.

Our abilities to observe us as part of process, will help in minimizing any misinterpretation on our part. That way we become more proactive than being negative about communicating with the person.

However,there are extreme scenarios at times, when we are faced with bullies who actually are very insecure within and may also perhaps have been victims at one point of time. We then need to adopt measures that ensure personal safety and that there are witnesses before interacting with them.

So let us always remember… we are the ones who need to take the necessary steps to change for ourselves because we are the ones who are getting affected.
For ultimately we owe it to ourselves and our health is most important to us.



Laugh yourself happy

Laugh yourself happy

Laugh a little or laugh a lot,

Laughter elicits laughter

Laughter promotes health

Laughter builds community

Laughter fortifies the heart

Laughter bridges the gaps.

Watch this awesome video…

Laughter speaks one language

Laughter tides over barriers

Laughter steers over the despair

Laughter fights off loneliness.

Laughter is a dose of health

Laughter is the best remedy!

Develop a sense of humor

It is gift within you for you.

Find it for your own happiness

Laugh yourself happy!

In this train of life we are on ….

We as humans of the so called evolved societies with education and global experiences and connects on our sides are often the ones who take the most time to smile at one another as humans traveling in the same journey of life, let alone share a laugh in the open. I wonder why?

We live within boundaries for our own safety which is good for our protection and yet it robs us of our freedom to live life.

We are always so careful in looking to put our best foot forward that we lose the joy of spontaneity.

Our life is controlled by our own doings that we throw ourselves into little boxes every day and night and we forget what it feels to think feel and sense beyond the box literally.

And sadly those who do are ridiculed for being the odd one out.

True freedom is unshackling the self from these chains of false convictions…of how to be. And just be.



Thinking ahead

This kind of thinking is what can transform the world.

It is a treat for me to come across this interesting post share on Facebook by Vijay Anand who I personally may not know, but am sharing it with joy!

I have a friend who lives in Finland and works in the education space – she works in the government department that skills immigrants, so that they become productive and assimilate into the society.

During one of our conversations, she mentioned about how in a lot of Scandinavian countries all public transport is free [1] – you can hop into any bus, and go anywhere and even the trains are free. In Finland, you can also study whatever you want – go to school, college, go get a PhD for free – if you want.

I went “hmmm” in my usual, “I am not sure how this works” thought process. And remarked “I guess that works in a socialistic society”

What followed was insightful.

She asked me what I thought was the most important asset in a society. Honestly, that caught me by surprise. Our economy is measured (and GDP seems to be the holy measure) by movement of money, and hence companies?

She remarked, “Well, its People. It should be, isnt it? – atleast in the 21st century”. Her point was that the days of “companies” being valuable is a outdated model. Natural resources, companies being valuable, made sense for the industrial era, not really for the knowledge economy era.

She said, “Most democracies, even so called capitalistic democracies see people as a liability – a bunch that needs to be taken care of. So education is seen as a cost, healthcare is seen as a cost, but in Finland the model is that people are assets”

Her example : If you charge people a “fee” in college, they will pay a one time fee. And because of financial difficulties, they might not even pursue further education. Whose loss is it, she asked? I guessed, it was the individuals. “Nope, cause if someone who has the potential to be a PhD scientist ends up being a librarian because they couldn’t afford to study, it is the loss to the country – in more practical terms, the govt losses 30% of a much higher revenue that they could have made. Instead they have a citizen who hasn’t reached the full potential but still continues to consume the same amount of resources – might even add to the burden.”

If one looks at each individual that way – that everyone has a potential and if the govt helps them achieve the best version of themselves, then for a lifetime (say 40 odd years) they get 30% of everything he/she makes.

How does the free bus and trains work, I asked. If you remove traffic and remove headaches, employees reach offices faster. Companies get employees who aren’t half drained by the time they reach office. The more productive the workforce is, and the more profitable the company is, the government benefits from both – more tax money. A scientist who is able to do his/her best work creates assets for the country.

When people are the assets, the system starts as early as the mother being pregnant itself, to ensure that care is provided to deliver a healthy baby, and when the baby is born, the formative years are provided for to ensure nutrition and a healthy mental faculty, and periodic tests to map out the trajectory of every individual and set them on that path.

“So really Finland is very capitalistic, she said. What the societal model is, is that we value human beings and every human being as an asset. Whereas most “capitalistic” societies see them as liabilities and spend most of the money on welfare schemes and burdening the middle class.”


The role of the government should be to enable its citizens / institutions / companies to be the best version of themselves and get the heck out of the way.



My Notes:

0. This idea is simple but radical. It took a few months for me to digest it. Give it time. I know the first reaction you might have will be similar to mine – cynical. But it makes sense.

1. India having a bigger population actually makes this even more attractive. People are assets. The more of that you have, the more you win.

2. This is fundamentally flipping the economy on the head. Today there are a few companies that create value (GDP) that is divided by the population. This model empowers individuals that Population x productivity = GDP

3. 90% of a country like India today lives off of 12,000 Rs per month. 5% of the country pays taxes that supports the rest of the country and the aspirations of infrastructure building. That is simply not sustainable.

4. This seems to be one of the few ways to not just get India to the 5trillion economy (as a bi product and not the goal) and beyond. In a day and age where civil liberties violation and environmental abuse will and should not be tolerated, this model paves a way. Most countries that are developed today got there through slavery or burning through the environment, which is a option we dont/cant have.

5. Getting ready for the knowledge economy, not only will get us into the world stage, but will get us far ahead in terms of the future – with being a young country, that is a service to future generations we cannot ignore. As they say, “skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is.”