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Art of Self Removal


Throwback to last week when I recorded a demo and forgot about it 

Shown here is one of the riskiest parts of the process — removing myself from the fragile balance without disturbing it.

In order to balance something like this, I usually need to basically wrap my body around it while sitting and building.. using knees to hug / stabilize the lower section(s) like a scaffold. But once I find zero, I need to remove my body without causing the structure to collapse.. on my body.. it’s when I’m most vulnerable.

But as seen here, I keep my gaze firmly on the structure while maneuvering my body away. It’s like a weird hyper focus where I’m spatially entranced on the relative positions of the rocks, and if any data point deviates from the whole, I have maybe a second to react before it becomes dangerous, especially for my left hand here which is planted on the stump I was sitting on, hoisting my body away.. if that top decides to fall on that hand, bones would likely break… not a situation where I can afford to break focus.

Some self removals are easier than others — it really just depends on a firm hold for my right hand behind me, the sensitivity of the structure itself, and what the wind is doing..

This post made me think further on

The Art of Self Removal

In any creation

The creator is inextricably

Interweaved in the tapestry of creation

And yet the Creator detaches the self

To step away from the creation

Distinguishing the completion

Of one phase of the creation

For it to begin it’s own journey of being


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Art of Self Removal

  1. Is A Nautilus An
    Architect or Builder

    Shell Art
    Home or

    Sea Creature

    When Oracle
    Comes to Play
    All Fits Together
    Dancing Singing

    No Separation Spiraling

    Bandwidth Grows Hurricane

    Arms Expanding Creation Activity

    Becoming One Force of Creativity Never Alone


    Cat 6
    i AM With Smiles

    Yet it is Only Now the
    Shape of the Symbol
    Of Six that Continues
    to Expand That Counts

    Hehe Dear Savvy The Outer Bands
    of my Long Form Poem Are Currently
    Balancing at About 57,000 Words Bi-Monthly

    True A Spiral Starts Fast Narrow Then Slowing River Tree Roots
    Wide Now Flow ContinueS On UNiVerSE Evolving Balancing Now..:)

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