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Art of Shoshin

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The Beginners Mindset

Helps in honing the ability

To see the world with fresh eyes

In curiosity, awe and wonder

Letting go of unnecessary perceptions

That can cloud the clarity.


When you choose

An open mind

Without assumptions

And preconceived notions

Without pride or prejudice

No matter who you are

What you have,

Or how much you know…

You are present

You are receptive

And welcoming of perspectives

To explore infinite possibilities

Of the potent now.

















Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Art of Shoshin

  1. Oh Goodness Dear Savvy
    Indeed What A Left Brain

    Trap of Concrete Labels

    Attached to All We

    Do Will Do to

    Trap Us in

    The Past Always

    Grasping for THINGS

    Yet Never Setting A More

    Creative iMaGiNaTiVE New

    Way of Viewing Existence Whole

    Yes in Soshin Way As You So Eloquently

    Intimate A Zen Art of Beginner’s Mind

    Fresh Now to Imagine and Create A

    New Wonder of the World in

    Awe For This Gift of

    Life We Give
    Share Care

    And Relate

    to Others So
    Freely This way

    For More Open Minded
    Bodied Soul Folks At Least to
    Smile With Opening Up New

    Potentials Each and Every Day

    Writing Poems Yet to Be Written

    Now By You And All Your Expanding

    New Practicing Fresh Beginners Art of Original

    Creativity Yes Inhaling Peace Exhaling Free Love More..:)


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