Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


The Gamechangers

For a manager in today’s world  the gamechanger here is  a set of new perspectives that can help in excellence on the job .

Embrace  technology  to stay updated.
Be efficient to be effective. Do things faster and work smarter.

Work with Integrity and command respect than demand  it.

Listen actively and  respond promptly  without delays.

Manage time well use management tools onder promise and over deliver consistently.

Be professional  in your behavior and approach work with a positive  mindset  no matter how the day pans out

Make yourself  indispensable
Do things others cannot do or won’t do…

Quantify by using  metrics  to analyze or to present your contributions.

Align with your buisness. Understand and work in tandem with the vision and mission of the company.



One person  can have the vision

But it takes many hearts to manifest it to reality

Trust the power of the many.

Towards a goal in unison

Think each of us together, a step in time

That’s the secret…

Of making an impactful difference!



You Are Enough

When you care

To do your best

When you love

What you do

You will know

In your heart

You are enough

For you!



A Matter Of Inclusiveness

Such a beautiful and inspiring share.

Yesterday I happened  to read this share on social  media. And I truly  appreciate  the  mindset of these two beautiful people.
One who believes learning has no age or defined boundaries And goes on to prove it by completing her graduation.

Another who values the needs and heartfelt intentions of another and is accepting and inclusive enough to have no place for  insecurities of any kind to seep in, while helping her accomplish her goals.

It’s truly fascinating  to read this. And I do know the journey must have been one of those rare kinds as well as challenging on many fronts for both of them.
It’s truly not often that you witness such beautiful endeavors.

And speaking candidly…
How many daughters  would actually  want their mothers in college with them?
How many will be happy to accompany  their mothers every day while in college?

How many mothers would have the thirst for knowledge and the passion, patience  and perseverance needed to do something  about it to such a degree?

Salute to both these spirited souls.
For sharing their learning journey. And showing  age is just a number and inclusion  is a matter of an expansive heart.❤



On Approval

A few musings on the need and necessity of approvals.

In your personal life…

What makes you seek approval

For things you can easily decide

What makes you ask another validation

For that which you are uncertain

Is it because you want acceptance

Someone to endorse & accredit

And may be sanction or even certify!

At work

Approvals can be great for efficiency

To build a structure in the processes

Yet they can create delays unwanted

And be the bane of daily operations

So fewer the levels, the better…

What do you think?

Do share your thoughts.



Space of Calm

Still waters run deep they say

There is much learning in the depth of calm

Stay hopeful but grounded to this now

Have dreams but be in this moment.

There is peace even in the storms

They say…

You can train your mind to find calm

As within you is the power of calm

To sense and be

Whenever you choose to

You can find your space of calm.



On living life lovingly…

Life life Lovingly!

Someone asked me what advice would I share with my child…

I would simply share the below two pieces of advice that I came across, not only with my child, but to anyone who cares to follow.

As it will go a long way in the journey of life .

Two simple
formula of life

“Don’t make any
close relation
without full understanding…!

And don’t break
any close relation
with small misunderstanding..

Very thoughtfully said!

Life is beautiful in consideration & responses than kneejerk reactions.

Life is all about taking time to live and love but also to understand.

Life is precious and every relationship has a reason to be. Even if it’s just for a season it is meant to last its time.

Let’s never forget that…

So let’s value life, value relationships

And live life lovingly!!



Being Humane

Every skill can be taught and learned

But the truth of being is in our ways.

To be authentic to ourselves

To have and live with integrity

To be compassionate & care

To be kind and considerate

Most of all to be true to yourself…

Be a good human

And be humane.

You will find the best version of you!



On Trust & Leadership

Leadership in teams.

If you have been leading teams at work…

How important do you think is a culture of trust to an enterprise and its growth?

How would it be possible to create, nurture & sustain trust in teams?

On a scale of 1 to 10 where do you think the team you lead, is in terms of trustfulness?
Companies spend a lot of their resources planning for engagements that are geared towards trust building.
There are get together, team lunches, resort trips arranged, and social events organized to ensure every one has a good time and build a rapport with each other.

What are the genuine ways of trust building in teams?
What makes a team trust a leader?

Trust is a significant and valuable trait to build into any functional team.
And it is the responsibility of the leader to create an atmosphere for trust to follow through in teams.
Besides skills and abilities to lead and show direction to the team when in need, a leader’s trust quotient increases when they are ready to be vulnerable enough to let the team understand that after all, we are together through the thick and thin.

Secondly, it is important for a leader to be able to cultivate clarity in communication. And shares the bigger picture with the team, so they understand the intent for a plan.

More than anything else, it makes way for an authentic and open culture of trustful action and responses.

And speaking of responses, an effective and efficient leader will seek feedbacks to create a proper follow-ups and follow through of any intention.

Whenever a leader internalizes these values as habits of being authentic and vulnerable with their team, trust is born.

In every effort taken towards creating clarity & consistency in the channels of communication with their team, trust is built. 
And while finding resolutions through followups with timely responses, trust is sustained in the teams.
Great organization begins with teams that place value on trustfulness as an important part of the growth mindset.