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On Approval


A few musings on the need and necessity of approvals.

In your personal life…

What makes you seek approval

For things you can easily decide

What makes you ask another validation

For that which you are uncertain

Is it because you want acceptance

Someone to endorse & accredit

And may be sanction or even certify!

At work

Approvals can be great for efficiency

To build a structure in the processes

Yet they can create delays unwanted

And be the bane of daily operations

So fewer the levels, the better…

What do you think?

Do share your thoughts.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “On Approval

  1. SMiLes the Doctor Told My Mother
    i Didn’t Speak Until Four Because
    i Had All i Needed From Her

    And i Didn’t Need

    To Ask Anything

    From Her

    Dear Savvy…

    Hehe i Learned

    How To Do That
    From Her With SMiLes…

    Generally my Wife Does the
    Same For me Yet Not Everyone Is as
    Easy to Please As me Yet Giving is The Receiving

    As Far As i
    Feel Sense

    Of Loving

    Life Free At Least Now…

    Of Course Work All Depends
    On Who the Next Master Or Not
    May come to Be That Was Not Necessarily

    A Given

    For Sure

    With SMiLes
    All those Years
    Ago When Making Money
    Was a Part of my Life Too…

    i Had A Captain of A Navy Installation
    Who Demanded Approval on Which Way
    We Turned the Blinds During the Day and
    If We Brought a Space Heater in When She
    Was Trying to Win An Energy Award True
    As She Turned the Heat off to the
    Building to Win that Award

    For Her of Course…

    Some Folks

    Take Their

    Jobs A


    Too Serious too…
    Yet Of Course to Keep
    The Job We Complied With Her Dictation…
    Hehe Those Weren’t Really The Good Old Days Then..:)


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