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A Matter Of Inclusiveness


Such a beautiful and inspiring share.

Yesterday I happened  to read this share on social  media. And I truly  appreciate  the  mindset of these two beautiful people.
One who believes learning has no age or defined boundaries And goes on to prove it by completing her graduation.

Another who values the needs and heartfelt intentions of another and is accepting and inclusive enough to have no place for  insecurities of any kind to seep in, while helping her accomplish her goals.

It’s truly fascinating  to read this. And I do know the journey must have been one of those rare kinds as well as challenging on many fronts for both of them.
It’s truly not often that you witness such beautiful endeavors.

And speaking candidly…
How many daughters  would actually  want their mothers in college with them?
How many will be happy to accompany  their mothers every day while in college?

How many mothers would have the thirst for knowledge and the passion, patience  and perseverance needed to do something  about it to such a degree?

Salute to both these spirited souls.
For sharing their learning journey. And showing  age is just a number and inclusion  is a matter of an expansive heart.❤


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “A Matter Of Inclusiveness

  1. SMiles Dear Savvy
    This Story Of
    Yes Surely
    Resonates With
    me As in 1983 my
    Mother, Sister, And i
    Actually Graduated Together
    From University of West Florida

    Even Taking
    The Same “Sociology
    Of Family” Class Together

    Where They Graduated With
    Social Work Degrees And
    Actually Got Jobs to Do

    That me With 3 Triple Major
    Degrees Of Anthropology,
    Health Science, And
    Social Sciences

    The Local Paper
    Interviewed Us…
    i Said My Ultimate
    Goal Was to Do

    And That
    Took me 25 Years
    Through Unrelated
    Work And Recovering
    From Life Threatening
    Illness Retiring Early

    Yet i Finally Started
    my Volunteer Position
    Of Participant Anthropology
    Observer And Have Been Doing
    It 16 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

    For 97 Months Now Since Age 53
    And Yes my Long Form Poem
    Reality Research Show is

    9.7 Million Words And
    15,505 Miles of Public
    Dance With Over

    100,000 Associated
    Cultural Pics For

    Evidence too…

    Yet Actually Anyone
    Who Embarks on Writing
    Long Form EPic Poetry Must

    Do Participant Anthropology
    Observer to Accomplish

    The Task


    In School
    Alone Will Not
    Suffice Particularly
    With Global Expanse

    🌎 🌍 🌏


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