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The Gamechangers


For a manager in today’s world  the gamechanger here is  a set of new perspectives that can help in excellence on the job .

Embrace  technology  to stay updated.
Be efficient to be effective. Do things faster and work smarter.

Work with Integrity and command respect than demand  it.

Listen actively and  respond promptly  without delays.

Manage time well use management tools onder promise and over deliver consistently.

Be professional  in your behavior and approach work with a positive  mindset  no matter how the day pans out

Make yourself  indispensable
Do things others cannot do or won’t do…

Quantify by using  metrics  to analyze or to present your contributions.

Align with your buisness. Understand and work in tandem with the vision and mission of the company.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “The Gamechangers

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy i Found Your
    March 26th Post on Leaving Room
    in Life For Introspection And i Bet

    i Might Get To See it Published Again
    With SMiLes Anyway i Loved That One

    As It’s So True Now For So Many
    People A Busy Day Doesn’t Leave
    Much Room to Explore ‘the Within’

    Particularly When We Are Working
    So Hard to Become An Employee Valuable
    Enough to Keep in Very Competitive Work

    Environments Indeed All Great Advice for
    Excelling in the Work Force Yet Perhaps A Best


    Blocks Within
    to Stay on the
    Wave of LiFE iN
    Mind and Body
    Soul Balancing Whole…
    Regulating All Feelings
    Senses in Synergy of Emotions
    Integrating All Senses In Some
    Way of Meditative Flow on Task too

    Best in Autotelic Ways Generating JoY WiThiN True too..:)


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