Savvy Raj

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Compassion Connects


Circles of compassion

Creates connections

Bonding boundlessly

From the heart.

Everything flows from love

Creating synergies in synchrony

Between strangers strengthened

In these compassionate connects.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Compassion Connects

  1. Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
    For Almost 2 Years i’ve Been
    Visiting Savvy’s Posts That
    She Writes Every Single Day

    Even Though i Heard From You
    Friday i Still Missed Your Only Post

    That Day You Haven’t Brought Every

    Day So far Since i’ve Been Visiting You Here

    i Feel Fortunate

    To Keep The Drive
    to Create And Very
    Much Appreciate All

    You Inspire From my SoUL
    Everyday as True i Might Not
    Always Get By Immediately to

    Respond Yet i Always meditate

    For A While On Words of Wisdom

    You Bring Bloggers Come Bloggers

    Go Often the Spark to Create Will Fade

    Away Yet True Some

    Persevere And

    Never Give Up
    As in All Stuff Life
    Truly Use it or Lose it Applies

    Every Move of Dance Counts
    Every Word of Song Counts All

    Make A Tapestry of What We may
    Imagine Create Give Share Care Heal NexT With SMiLes..:)


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