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A Matter Of Thought


They say it’s what you do that matters

But it’s the thought that counts

Can we choose one thought over other

Yes we can in mindfulness

Being aware is the first step

The choice rests with you

For you are your thoughts

As much as your deeds .


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “A Matter Of Thought

  1. True,, if we look it detached from our own personal expectations,, it’s beautiful


  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy Indeed
    Thoughts Are The Furniture

    Of Our Minds As
    We May Move

    Furniture Around
    In Our External Living
    Rooms to Create More Positive
    Feelings For Change The Same

    Is Surely Applicable

    to Our


    Home of Mind True
    Yet Even More So As
    Vowels Are The Breath of

    Emotions Feelings Senses

    That Come ALiVE iN Emoting

    Words Figuratively SPeaKinG So
    Much Deeper Feeling Sensing All
    Emotions of Life More Than Just

    Labels for
    This or
    Kind of
    Tree or Bird
    my FRiEnD

    Yet True Neuroscience
    Shows Our Emotions Feelings
    Senses Come First And Our Words
    Are Guideposts Associated With Same

    So True Change A SonG oF OuR SoUL to

    More of A Positive Song And the Furniture

    Is Greater Arranged For More Positive Thoughts

    Associated With Emotions Feelings Senses Same…

    Some Folks Suggest That Humans Are Assessed With
    80 Percent Negative Leaning Feeling Sensing Emoting Thoughts

    Every Day Ranging Up Toward 60,000 Words in One Day As Thoughts

    And True to Change This Takes Great Introspection And Contemplation

    Yes in Meditative Mindful Awareness in Flow to Regulate Emotions and
    Integrate Senses Greater In Positive Ways to Birth More Positive Thoughts

    As Thoughts Become Emotions Feelings Senses Driving More Positive Action New As Well

    Thing is As
    It Was For
    me too in A
    Everyday World
    Cogs of Other Folks
    Machines Who Run Us
    As Well Oiled Parts of the
    Systems Other Folks Create
    To Fit in to Keep the Big Machine
    of CuLTuRE And Society WorKinG Now…

    The Basics of Introspection That Bring
    Contemplating Mediation in Flow of
    Greater Mindful Awareness May

    Only Be Found in Places

    As Small on


    To Work

    If that Includes

    Country Roads and
    Not Just Congested City Traffic

    my FRiEnD A Great Poverty of Knowing

    Oneself this Brings And So Much Anxiety

    Depression And Overall Stress That Leads

    to Unhappy Lives Lacking Meaning And Purpose

    We Orchestrate And Create Within Somehow Escaping All the Distractions

    mY FRiEnD of Course Why Folks Blog too Early in the Morning Before The Rat Race Never Ends Again…

    When i Worked i Had Very Little Control of my Thoughts And Truly A Severe Deficit in Regulating
    Emotions Integrating Senses Same Now A Dance of Meditation Comes First in Flow Then A Song

    The Same

    Master of
    What Breathes

    Within Now

    As Words

    Flow in A River
    oF LiGHT Away

    From Darker Oceans ‘Fore…
    Dancing Singing My Way To
    A Whole Life Complete Enough Now…:)

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