Savvy Raj

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Beauty Of The Betwixt


Between the then and the yet to come

Is the moment of now

Honour this space

The bygone is no longer the matter

The future is yet unknown

Be present in this moment

Of the infinite possibilities

For what is unfolding in this now

Life is truly here in this now.

In thoughts words and deeds

Attend to this space that is

Honour the beauty of the betwixt.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Beauty Of The Betwixt

  1. “Between the then and the yet to come”

    SMiLes Dear Savvy How Life Flows Beyond

    What We Call CLocK Land in One Direction

    What i Come to Find

    When We LiVE

    Dream TiME NoW

    iN FLoW oF Creativity

    All Measure Falls Away

    Even Terms As Small

    As iNFiNiTY

    No Boundaries

    What So Ever

    Now Whole

    Yet Meaning

    Of Life Where

    All of Life Becomes

    Purpose With No Rhyme

    or Reason Necessary the

    Ocean Understands WHere

    The River Flows From Now
    SaMe Water Dear FRiEnD SaMe
    Wave Same Ocean All One Water We aRe…

    It’s Just So Amazing How i Will Visit Totally

    Unrelated Folks Around the Globe And

    Like A Symphony Of Orchestras

    THeRE iS A Conductor oF

    All That


    in All OF All

    The MuSiC oF BeFoRE NoW

    Synergies Energies Vibrations Frequencies

    All These Humans With A Similar Dance And
    Song We Play Beyond All Distance, Space,
    TiMe, Matter
    or Form…




    Whole All
    Connecting Waves
    Water Ocean Whole..:)


  2. We are always at a precipice of a vast past and an uncertain future. Nice work, Savvy.


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