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Memorable reads

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Some times as you read you pause in reflection, to ponder over the memories and to sense the meaning just one more time …

Here is one such read …

There are perhaps no days of our childhood that we lived as fully as the days we think we left behind without living at all: the days we spent with a favourite book. Everything that filled others’ days, so it seems, but that we avoided as vulgar impediments to a sacred pleasure — the game for whose sake a friend came looking for us right at the most interesting paragraph; the bothersome bee or sunbeam that forced us to look up from the book, or change position; the treats we had been forced to bring along but that we left untouched on the bench next to us while above our head the sun grew weaker in the blue sky; the dinner we had to go home for, during which we had no thought except to escape upstairs and finish, as soon as we were done, the interrupted chapter — our reading should have kept us from perceiving all that as anything other than obtrusive demands, but on the contrary, it has graven into us such happy memories of these things (memories much more valuable to us now than what we were reading with such passion at the time) that if, today, we happen to leaf through the pages of these books of the past, it is only because they are the sole calendars we have left of those bygone days, and we turn their pages in the hope of seeing reflected there the houses and lakes which are no more.


Our readings leave an imprint in our souls… and how.

There are indelible and enduring marks on our mind and emotions.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Memorable reads

  1. Wise Words From Proust Indeed
    Dear Savvy Thanks For Sharing
    iMaGiNinG How Holy And Sacred

    Words First Are in Written Form

    Carrying Some of the Essence of

    SouL in Symbols Yes Forms We Co-Create

    As Letters Become Words And LetterS AGAiN

    To Share With Loved Ones Including FRiEnDS

    Giving Our Soul
    Avatars of Wings
    Yes Forms Yes Real

    Symbols of Written
    Letters And Words

    For True As Pyramids
    Carry Pharaohs’ Names

    It is Truly The Artisans

    Who Create The Art Whose
    Soul Truly Lives On With SMiLes

    And All the Other Ghost Authors
    Unnamed Given Famous Pen Names

    As Essence of THeiR SoUL No Matter
    Name LiveS oN in All the Art They Create Anew As

    With SMiLes…

    Yet Still No Greater Love
    in Life Than When the Parent
    Passes Away and Generations
    Are By The Death Bed With So Much

    Love Yet The Loved One Never Really
    Dies As Generations Truly Loved With
    Real Trust in Faith and Hope Spread This Love in Twinkling EYeS

    Truly ALiVE Farther Than Stars Above in Night Skies Will Ever Add mY FRiEnD..:)


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