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Ways of Nature


I came across a very unique post on Social media…that I want to share here today…

Someone collected these tree branches and called them Nature’s dance” ❤️
Artwork : Chris Kenny – Dancing twigs

If you actually want to see

You will see the Dance of Nature

In every leaf and flower

In every bud and bloom

In every twig and tree

In every turn and twist

Of nature’s creation

There is the grace of uniqueness

Of wisdom beyond compare

All knowing, all pervading

To this Omnipresence …I bow

In Gratitude to this Grace



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Ways of Nature

  1. Ah Dear Savvy
    Move And Repose
    The Dance And Rest

    Of God


    In All of Nature

    As iS ETNeRaLLy

    Now Changing




    Or Less

    And More Again

    As Tides Come In Go Out

    As Waves Make Landscapes

    Of Shores And Take Away Never

    The Less The Water The Wave The

    Ocean The Deep Blue Reflects the Sky Above

    Every Grain

    of Sand


    Also Is

    The Potential

    To Hold Up A Mountain
    of Human Love We Continue
    To Grow As Living Loving Trees
    Leaf Complete Seed Tree Dead or Alive to Feed This

    Existence This Gift of Breath Now Oh Dance And Sing Free

    Move And Repose Move And Repose Dance of God Sings So Free to Be i am Now

    Roots Are Vines And Leaves are Trees Sky Is Blue As Ocean Deep Still To Come Exploring More…:)

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  2. How lovely and true❤️


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