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The ground truths of any relationship in time..

Two ways of thinking….
Familiarity breeds contempt
While the absence makes the heart fonder.


All seems wonderful  in the beginning
As time goes by time takes its toll.
Straining the togetherness
Cracking apart at its seams
Creating distances and gaps that grow
Making the memories sustain in hope
Or seek a closure in forgetfulness.


In isolation and silence
Seeds of thoughts find time to germinate
In both exclusion or seclusion
The heart longs for companionship
The thoughts turn to fond remembrances
Of bygone memories  of the good times
Life tries to recall & recreate those times.
To salvage what is left and cherish
Knowing the priceless treasures it brings.
Hence the absence  makes the heart  grow fonder.

Life moves on and finds new beginnings
Yet in adaptability & flexibility
Nature continues its pathway
All comes a full circle.
Such is the circle of life.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Perspectives

  1. “Familiarity breeds contempt While
    the absence makes the heart fonder”

    Change Nature of Reality At Play

    Interestingly Some Folks Have

    ‘Default Systems’

    Of Mind That

    Are Lower in ‘Latent

    Inhibition’ Which Means

    The World Always Looks New

    To Them More As A Child of Wonder With SMiLinG

    Joy Coming Into A New Awesome World of Beauty Now

    While There Will Be Greater Freer Associations And Creativity

    With This Unusual Way of Human Being Sadly It Is Often Associated

    With Mental Imbalances As One May Often Get Lost in Hypo Frontality

    Where Creativity



    To Come

    Back to Reason

    Of Logical Working Mind

    More Frontal Cortex as such

    Hypo Meaning Dampening Our

    Logical Approach to Life Where Life

    Becomes More Art Than Reason It is

    Often those Blessed With More So-Called

    Standard IQ That Are Able to Ground Themselves

    Back Out of All the Colors Anew That Spring Forth in

    Every Environmental Season of Ever Changing Weather Feeling Sensing

    Within So How

    Relate to


    Breeds Contempt’ Now

    It’s Hard to Get Bored of

    Your Wife When You See

    A Brand New Work of Art

    Every Now of Your Life

    Hehe Not Sure

    If She Sees

    me the

    Same Way

    Yet it surely Makes

    it easy to End Each Night
    With a Hug the Only Advice Her

    Mother Gave to Us On Our Wedding

    Day on February 21st, 1990 When You
    Were Probably A Very Small Girl Dear Savvy

    On the Autism Spectrum This Made it Very Difficult
    For Me to Handle New Environments With Lots of People’s
    Feelings All Around me And All the Stimulus Technology Advancing Brings

    So Much Easier Now Retired As All i Have to Focus on is Dance And Song

    Of Free Verse Life in Both Poetry And Dance And Of Course Seeing my

    Wife More Beautiful Each And Every Day Like Every Flower i Come Across With SMiLes…

    Hehe, When i Used to Work in a Bowling Center Handing Out Shoes For Almost Two Decades

    As Quite Honestly That’s All My Super Charged Feelings And Senses Could Handle in life then

    After Earning Three College Degrees People Asked How can you Be So Happy Working Here

    For All These Years the Answer is Simple Every Human is Flower Ever Changing UNiVeRSE

    to Meet



    With A
    SMiLE That

    Feels More

    Colorful Every Day

    True There is A UNiVeRSE

    Within Much Greater Than
    ‘Science’ Will Ever Feel and Sense my FRiEnD..:)


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