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Paving the way for Oneness


I am saddened when I come across the mention of race by color. I am saddened that still people are called black or white or brown or yellow.

We are called out for the shades of our skin, when the truth is, we are so much more. We cannot be confined or defined by narrow eyes.

The fact is, people, see colors differently, and they may not see all the same colors while seeing the same things. There is research on how our individual brains react differently to different wavelengths of light.
Technically speaking the colors we see is an illusion created by our brain. We are not yet certain exactly how animals see perceive us and in which colors.

Why then this prejudice in words to describe life.
Humanity knows no color or creed.

Why are we still resorting to identify people into boxes, giving way to mental pictures, and conformity?
We are capable of liberating ourselves to see the bigger picture.

A dance article recently published an article that sends out a message of how Misty Copeland is a black dancer who succeeds.

Yes, we have an unequal world filled with all the ‘isms’ and the issues they bring along. It is unfair and discriminatory and biased in so many ways. Not just in race, but in species, gender, age, weight, height, class, creed, caste, religion, status, authority, education, power, and wealth.

Yet the inner light of the being surmountable all odds. And life shines through the heart of the movements.

The world must come together, as it is time to release these frames of false convictions and find in itself the ability and strength to support one another in the power of life that’s beating within us all.

Let us see beauty and talent in all colors and not attribute efforts and success to any color by birth.
When we remove reference of being a particular color we bring to light the truth of the soul and the spirit of freedom to be.

In that light, everything is illustrated in the illumination from within.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Paving the way for Oneness

  1. Thanks for sharing, dear Savvy 🙂

    In fact we all are in the same Solar System, on the same planet, are in one mankind, are in the same boat, but yet people separate them each other in so many ways, because they do not see that we are one in Oneness – unfortunately this is due to our ego and our narrow mind – the drop is also not separated from the Ocean – so may we all open our hearts and merge us consciously in this Oneness, then we would all treat us as real brothers and sisters.

    Thank you, dear Savvy, have a great day 🙂

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    • When drops of water in the ocean start to receive the light of the sun they lose their density and start to evaporate only to get interspersed in the atmosphere , so much a simple ray of light can do, if only we can learn to understand from nature about the transience of all matter , perhaps we wouldnt hold our sense of self so much that it makes us dense … I truly feel strongly about the so called man made distinctions of borders and race and wish and hope that we allow the light to shine inwards so that we reflect from within . Thank you again my friend for your prompt response and insights on a subject of deep significance for all life and living . My deepest regards .
      Wish you a beautiful day ahead. Stay well and safe .

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      • Thanks, dear Savvy –
        After a long journey there is a transition from matter to light, this will happen when we have learned our lessons, who we truely are, then the sunbeam returns to its source… All is a process of becoming more and more conscious.

        May you and yours stay healthy and safe too, dear friend 🙂


  2. True..
    We love to identify every being with the labels we paste on them..
    Labels coloured by our perception and understanding…
    Remove the label…see beyond..

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