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Whose work is it anyway?


What boredom, no time for boredom!
says my seemingly exasperated friend in India on the phone.
With the complete lockdown and most on’ Work from home status ‘majority of families are struggling to cope with rising demands of the family be it the seniors at home, children and of course pets as well. The families are now suddenly having no house help, the quintessence of urban class living.

Compared to the Western world in India still, the lure of cheaper labor force makes a household helper available to all. But in the current scare, there are no maids, let alone cooks or gardeners. Except for those who may have a live-in helper which is not often the case.

Suddenly the ‘Work from home’ status actually registers the truth. For it is truly challenging for most families who have never bothered to make their own bed or do dishes or cook ever. In fact, there are many who wait for someone else to make their tea or coffee or get a glass of water.

In these hard-pressed times the major part of the work comes to the women of the household still, in spite of all those talks of women’s liberation that goes on doing the rounds every year around early March.

To all the women, who have suddenly vowed to prove themselves superwoman please take it easy.
A little dirty corner, neglected kitchen shelves, not a four course meal, everything is acceptable. But not at the cost of your own health. Remember your falling sick at these times will be disastrous especially if there is no one to take over from you !!
Stay safe

The women are left with no options as the demands keep on rising as those who are at home are hungrier than ever with time to kill.

There are, of course, some of those evolved households where all are contributing their bit. The onus of responsibility needs to be shared, else it will make every day a living hell.

If only more young parents of today teach all their children both sons and daughters equally to cook, clean and do housework as a part of life skills training so that they also know how to manage a home when they have one, the lives of so many future families will be truly much easier.

As we see it, the future is here with new challenges and unless we are all equipped with basic survival skills and takes into account, ownership, responsibility, and teamwork and move beyond gender biases, it is truly tough to live through times like these.

How are you and your families managing this interim period?

Stay safe and healthy!


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “Whose work is it anyway?

  1. I was just thinking about how this pandemic is causing people to learn basic life skills they may never have had to practice before. As tough as it is, it’s been a great teacher for all of us. Our own household is experiencing some increase in stress at the moment. I have two teenagers, and my husband is a physician. After being home more days than at work because basic office visits have been delayed for people, it will likely change starting this week. Census is rising here in the hospitals, so he will transition there if needed. That’s adding to the stress here, but otherwise we’re doing okay. Lots of walks outside and homemade meals. I hope you and your family are well. ❤

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    • Yes Alethea we are well thank you so much and I quite agree, life is a great teacher…we humans are born resilient but only our lifestyles change the equation.
      However it certainly is making people notice the world than ever before.
      In these times of uncertainty a lot of truth about life and living is emerging. Our life across the world has taken the pause and hopefully we will emerge stronger with renewed understanding of how quality of our life is deeply connected to the way we treat our environment. Sometimes the learnings are tough to bear.
      Every family is being challenged in one way or the other to come up with new ways of living and coping to beat the odds and come up stronger.
      Hope things get better soon at your end and that people recover and the curve is flattened out soon,here too we as a family are into pet healthcare needs so as essential service providers in our city, each day is as challenging as it can get.
      Hoping to do our best!
      Wishing for health and healing for one and all. Much love ❤

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  2. It’s not easy I must confess….

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