Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!


Give it time

Life changes and challenges
In the most unexpected of ways
In the midst of great obstacles
In the depth of obscurity lies clarity.

Like water is clouded when its muddy
But when allowed to settle in time
Water finds it’s purer form
It cleans itself beyond the impurities.

The passing clouds may darken the skies
But after the rain comes the sunshine
Dark and light play their games well
Hiding and seeking themselves.

Spinning and weaving through the web of time
Bouncing back and balancing itself gradually
Life senses and synchs itself in the moves.
All is well in the harmony of the flow.



Soulful Reflections

The greatest depths is the soul within ….a spark of the divine!
As one deepens the focus inwards in a journey of awareness, greater empathy is felt for the world outside , and when the focus is towards the outer materialistic world the focus turns towards being more self centered than self aware.

A few ways to deepen self awareness

  • Question your thoughts but try and be nonjudgemental.
  • Check your actions and deeds in mindfulness
  • Improve and keep inspiring the self.
  • Let go the holding back and allow nature to manifest its flow
  • Own up to a beginner’s mind and keep your sense of wonder alive!

Your intentions in your journey makes your choices along the way. All manifests as your intentions are.



Salute to a Soldier

A nation is proud
A hero is safely home
Gratitude to this day
Gratitude to his parents
For cultivating his fortitude
To his training
For his mental strength
To his experiences
That helped him stand tall
Personifying resilience
In the face of fear
For his inner spirit
That ultimately boosted the morale
Of this entire nation
Gratitude for your bravery
In face of calamity!
God bless you and your family!

A Salute to the sacrifices of all such bravehearts serving nations and their families!

Savvy Raj