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Honing Our Abilities


Profound words of wisdom flows through these words and makes us understand  the necessity of cultivating  certain skills and developing  abilities  in life… for these abilities can hold us in good stead, no matter how life treats us.

Ability to flow but with fortitude
Ability to decide when to take a stand
Ability to appreciate & share kindness
Ability to distinguish needs and  wants
Ability  to respond with discernment
Ability to assert without arrogance
Ability to empathize in understanding
Ability to forgive and let go…

Ability to be flexible yet firm
Ability to accept and acknowledge
Ability to own up to our limitations.
Ability to balance our own being
Ability  to laugh at ourselves
Ability  to see the good in others
Ability to see the larger purpose
And most of all…
Ability to live life lovingly!

What are your thoughts on this share if there are any more abilities  you can think of.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Honing Our Abilities

  1. Yup…. You are right….

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  2. …and ablility to love everyone – as the sun shines to everyone not asking if someone is good or bad…
    Thanks for sharing, dear Savvy and have a nice weekend 🙂

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  3. Beautiful thought Savvy…
    Courage to be ‘ original’ in this world of copy cats is rare… is required the most .

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    • Yes indeed Krish I so agree and appreciate your response here. Courage to own up to your unique purpose is truly valuable.
      While every idea births itself with the help of some inspiration or experience, the beauty is in cultivating an authentic voice that is unique to the individual.


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