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Seeing beyond looking!

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Seeing something involves all of you and looking is just through your eyes . Expanding the sense of sight and endeavoring to see beyond the obvious entails ones whole being …whenever we look at the mirror, it is possible that we may assess ourselves as per our individual judgments, however it seems,rooted in our materialistic attachments. When we actually begin to see … we realize the great depth and dimensions and it’s only possible with awareness of detachment.The difference between looking and seeing is thus an expansive movement , and they could reflect the development of empathetic consciousness in a person, and virtues of patience .
Creative Movement Arts such as Dancing are wonderful ways of developing and imbibing these positive qualities. It is fascinating what our body can reveal in a dance.What is endearing and enticing and exhilarating about dancing … is that the body never lies. In its stillness or in its movements … And there is great healing, in the movements.
Inertia can lead to disease. Simply bringing the body into movement heals, empowers and brings positive changes in the body in time gradually … but most of all it brings on empathy and a divine connection to the living you and that’s the alluring magnetic charm of a body in blissful motion …

As one is able to see soul beyond the movements it becomes a metaphor of change , tears turn to smiles and one becomes an expanding circle of positive energy powered from within …The spirit of the movement brings about the necessary change as you learn to express your own sense of creativity … create with your own sense of expression, and you evolve to understand and revel and gradually merge with that which is unique in you and others & flow with it harmoniously …

The path need not be the same for everyone and as you continue with the depth of vision you see the dimensions yet in the making …. in the stillness of solitude you might experience company even in the quietude , in the chaos of confusion , there will arise clarity in the conforming ,in the fluidity of the flow there could be a discipline of pattern , in the beat of heart will be heard the lyrical vibration of the being …In the seeming rigorous rigidity of the repetition could arise the strength of silent simplicity …. And that is the seeing moment when movement becomes a dance.! A dance of a joyful grateful being celebrating in gratitude of life itself …….

Savvy Raj

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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