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Live Life Lovingly!

In Loving Gratitude

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A spread of Cheer!

Today and every day, in just this moment …

Let me start the day by counting my blessings instead of time

Let me remember to send out at least one small gesture of kindness

Let me remember to express my appreciation of someone’s skill

Let me respect the power within to envision a larger good

Let me seek thoughts that bring peace and contentment

Let me love with hope and trust the knowing

Let me give a hand in lifting another up

Let me remember to truly give a listening to an elder in my life

Let me realize the joy of sharing positivity around me with my words

Let me stretch my thoughts to being accepting of another’s vision

Let me sense the beauty of this world I live in and around me

Let me be grateful to the knowledge I have and will receive

Let me acknowledge with humility the supreme that manifests creatively

Let me revel in the wonder of innocence and bow in reverence of divine energy

Let me see the divine in you enough to fathom because You are… I am!

Let me remember to end the day by counting my blessings instead of sheep:)



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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