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My father and I


(Photo Credits : A picture with my father … taken by my daughter after a bit of Sunday dancing.😊)

Sharing a few life lessons from my father

Life is to live in every moment.

Keep it simple.

Be honest in your dealings.

Being enthusiastic.

Take pleasure in the ordinary things.

Take time to be warm and loving.

Express love but love yourself as well.

Self discipline and moderation and wellness.

Be humble and kind.

Work with dedication tirelesly.

Value leisure time.

Have a hobby.

Give selflessly.

Be courageous to dare.

Dance to life, share joyfully.

Be presentable it matters!

All is well just keep the faith.

Make time to be with family.

Play with your children.

Have a funny bone.

Share joys and laugh much.

Walk lots with your children.

Care for your health.

Love more and worry less.

And so much more…

But most of all

To believe in yourself to be the best you can!

Because you can!


Musings on the man who taught me not only to dance to life but also everything above by being all this and more, by practising rather than preaching.

A very’ Happy Fathers Day to Dad’ and in celebration of the ‘Spirit of Fatherhood’  to all the wonderful ‘Fathers’ across the world.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “My father and I

  1. Amazing..☺☝👌👍
    Happy Father’s Day !!

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  2. Best way to make your father proud!!

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