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 Simplicity Paradox


Are we  actually simplifying complexities or complicating simplicity?

Simplicity dwells in the complexity

And complexity is just tangled simplicity

In the designers intelligence

Both dance hand in hand

The meaning we choose to perceive

The connect we choose to establish

The intention we choose to deduce

At a point in time

Can make it irrefutably simple

Or irrefutably complex in the understanding

The Simple truth holds all the complex potential

In an untangled arrangement

The very arrangement is a fodder for imagination

For continuity in ingenuity

In the momentumn of thoughts

The complex gives birth

To new pathways in the patterns

Promoting in the propelling

A curiousity in exploration

Of simplifying the confounding complexities.

History is replete with stories

Of complicating the simple truth

Of the being …in the boggling for answers

In refuting and regelating

Our beautiful ball of blue

This Circle of nature was assumed

Once as square in shifting  perspectives

Meaning perceived in perspective dimensions 

Unfolding with the understanding of that era

Moving on in time to deconstruct the construction

Of breaking down codes of assumption

Of restructuring in the resurrection

Of recognition and the refuting

To understanding the circles of yin and yang

The dance of polarity

The duality of nature

The death and the birth

As part of the circle of oneness

Of life and living .

Simple resides in the complexities

Complex is just simplicity turned upside down

Perhaps as humankind increased in numbers

The simple was to profound

To answer the multitude of mulling thoughts

In different directions

Due to the innate nature of man

To wonder in awe

And thus the simple no longer seemed simple

To solve the emerging enigmas

Delving into the simple

Intelligent design was questioned

In Scientific temperment

In philosophical propositions

Until creativity creates connections

And new expressions in the exploration.

To deduce deduct and denote

Infinite patterns of potential

Making sense of of uniqueness in the self similarity

As the irrefutable simpliity of it all.

In the search for answers

To simplify the complex

Or to complicate the simple

Many paths present itself

Every path is infinite in possibilities

The question is are we ready to walk the path.

And what we evolve into while walking the path of choice?


In search for simple truths we encounter the magnitude of complexities underlying the simplicity . Simplicity elegantly serves itself but the paradox of simplicity is in the complexities of finding the meaning and accepting such simplicity  as the ultimate truth of the being. Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

4 thoughts on “ Simplicity Paradox

  1. Exquisitely beautiful!

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  2. Reblogged this on Reena Saxena and commented:
    The reader just flows with the thought process ….

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  3. Thank you Reena Saxena for sharing the flow…


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