Savvy Raj

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Stillness within


Stillness within
The whirling wisdom
Centers within
The search for being
In a knowing balance
Of within and without.

The gaze is never a stare
The moves are never a dare
In fact the flow is sublime
One leads unto another
Nothing marked nothing missed
Nothing focused nothing lost.

In such a state of flow
Where wholeness of being
Is the strength of a circle
That creates unto itself
There is a knowing
Of a space within

An inward glance
Into the souls calling
Springing forth
The sounds of Silence.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

16 thoughts on “Stillness within

  1. Meditative and calming…both in the read and practice.
    Beautiful verses coming from you again 🌸❣️🌸

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  2. Splendid silence that does not speak but has volumes of depth in them. Superb poem, Savvy and lovely pictures. Too good.

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  3. These are great words! Silence is the actual speech.

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  4. While reading, I felt very peaceful 👍


  5. Felt it as a very deep drive into our being. Immersing slowly & gradually to zeroing. Recalled one similar depiction-
    “प्रज्ञा की स्थिरता ही मोक्ष कहलाती है।”
    It is the pacific experience of the melting point of time & our being.

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