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Thoughts : A Pathway to Evolution.

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Thoughts : A Pathway to Evolution

Our thoughts have a power of their own.
They arise and move through in a speed beyond imagination.

Yet being mindful of the present moment Awakens the conscious awareness within us.

Profoundly inspiring to think that we can communicate, alter and repair cells.

By simply tapping into their wisdom
Consciousness flows in our being.

So much more than what we realize
So much unlearning in the learning.

Our cells are wise more than we know
Wisdom imprints on every cell of being

Our thoughts have power of their own
They flow through dancing as they birth

Betwixt & between of conscious awareness
Choice of channelling the flow rests with us.

Every cell carries thought impressions
Every cell can be positively reinforced

The power of every cell of our being
Is yet undervalued and undermined

Our cells make us who we are
We are responsible to create better cells

Our thoughts intentions & deeds create us
Our energy is interrelated with our thoughts waves.

We are what we think
We are what we eat

We are totally vulnerable beings
And yet so very powerful as a life force.

We are meant to evolve ourselves.
Our thoughts are a pathway to our evolution .


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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