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Celluloid Cowboys


Celluloid Cowboys

Image Credits Google Search


Not a figment of imagination

But a vivid recollection

Of yester years action heroes

Handsome cowboys, herding horses

Of tough terrains and tales of tall men

In rugged jeans and rumpled shirts

Grazing horses in wild pastures

Rising dust of the galloping hooves

Riding the vast open spaces

And the swagger of the  sheriffs

Anarchy and antognism

Of pride and passion.

Swiftness of the draw ,a shooter’s pride

So captured by celluloid

Stories of a bygone era

Swaying to country cha cha

Weaves a web of intrigue

Imprinted in hearts are these

Forever more, the evergreen memories …

Savvy Raj

‘A picture speaks a thousand words …. and movies leave lasting impressions… While  perhaps the reality may be different the impact of the  Wild West movies was quite a phenomenon.

This is a  photo inspired poem dedicated to all the Celluloid Cowboys’.

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

12 thoughts on “Celluloid Cowboys

  1. Savvy , how timely. The cowboys of Texas state lead their flooded animals to safety on their horses . This ancient art came in handy in modern days during current hurricane conditions in Huston. They do deserve all the credit. Thank you for your lovely post.

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    • Thank you Luda for the thoughtful mention.
      While this poem was written back in time I shared it here today out of admiration for the courage and spirit of resilience to survive against all odds.
      Although the makebelieve world of movies reflect illusions more than reality they also reflect hope and strength when reality bites.
      Have a few friends in Houston myself,who have had to be evacuated to safety from the flooded houses.
      Sending out a prayer of hope for one and all in need of heartfelt support and strength .

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  2. Heartfelt thanks Luda 💜

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  3. Wow a great poem dedicated to the cowboys, Savvy. Too good, simply marvelous

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  4. Excellent blog Raj. I write as well. I would love your feedback on my blog do check it out

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  5. What lovely vivid prose 😀

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