Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

All of you!


What does it take to accept everything that is happening in life as an unfolding mystery?

All of you!

And when that happens,

No storm is unsurmountable,

No pain is unmanageable,

No hurt is unforgivable.

Yes, it takes all of you

To complete this circle of life and living.

And in every step you take towards realization

You are only another step closer to home.

To decide not to stress and focus on things that you may not be in control of is a step towards understanding the meaning of true acceptance as not resigning the self to fate but to accept it as part of the phase in the ebb and flow of tides in life. 

A few reflections:

Acceptance is the key when life happens beyond your comprehension.

Action is the key when there is something you sense you understand enough.

Acknowledgement is the key while sharing goodwill in trust and hope.

Appreciation is the key to manifesting abundance.

Accept life as a mystery that will dawn.

All else is history that has gone in the dusk.

All is well in time, always.

 This post has come as  an afterthought  when I came across a particularly poignant story  shared by a good friend caught in turmoils of time and yet being brave enough to ease into acceptance and appreciate the good happening around  by sending goodwill and hope to those around him in thoughts  words and deeds.

I know there are many  who put out ‘All of themselves ‘ to brave out the odds every single day …. My salute to such inspiring souls. Stay ever blessed!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “All of you!

  1. Beautiful Savvy and all of u feels so wonderful and a happy feeling. Great words penned.

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  2. I love happy posts like this one. A great way to start the day. Beautifully penned, Savvy.

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  3. Thank you Eugenia Wishing you a beautiful day all through 😍


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