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On Grounding




A connectedness in the centering,  valuing equanimity and a learning to evolve along the journey of life sensing the need for balance between the rest and movement.

It is an acknowledgement of the past in awareness of things as they were without allowing it to cloud the now. Grounding is also about taking the time to understand the self  and the basic foundations and inspirations to build ones dreams and aspirations.

 Grounding is valuing this now … for the past is a place of reference and not residence and the future is unknown as it is yet to unfold. Focus on building the virtues of integrity courage , truth,  perseverance and honour  the very foundation of grounding. Stand your ground and root yourself in trust and knowing  … for it is truly sacred.

The Strength in the Grounding:

Grounding is a process of discovery of the strength within. A true measure of the strength in the grounding is in the process of creating transformations in & around us towards a sustainable future.

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “On Grounding

  1. Isn’t it the most difficult thing Savy? It is common to see people with bloated egos floating in air.

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    • Between hope for change and the biting realities life goes on . What is certain is that in every intention to change for the better the message touches hearts that seek to change and perhaps then our writing or our creativity justifies itself along the path countless times in infinite ways to transform even in a single heart. Without knowing the strength of Grounding , ego is often just a helpless facade, an erected barrier or a weapon for survival in such a world.But with every experiential realisation of the need to counter balance flights of delusion, that message hopefully hits home.
      The truth is all kinds of energies make up this world … and many paths lead us home, what is important is what path we choose to see and take.
      Thank you Siddharth for all your thought shares, queries and reflections here as well on this .Have a blessed day😊


  2. More grounded we are, we will get in more easily perphaps

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  3. Vekh Fareeda mitti Khuli
    Mitti uttey mitti full
    Mitti hassey mitti roway
    Translate and read. You will like it

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  4. Very Beautiful! Thank you for sharing
    this verse of the holy Sufi Saint Baba Fareed’s wonderful wisdom.


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