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There is a dignity in emergence

With understanding that arises

In patience tolerance and perseverance

Beyond an attitude of indifference

Emerge in trusting

Heart over mind

Or mind over heart

Is not the question at all …

Emerge in spirit and soul

With all of your being

In every conversation

Or crisis confrontation

Emerge with conscious awareness

Accepting the interconnects

Acknowledging the interdependence

Arising to evolve in life and living.

Emerge knowing truth is eternal

In Spirit, knowing it  is for you to kindle

In Empathy knowing you are because they are

In compassion sensing the suffering and pain

Emergence is not an on off act

It is a never ending journey

It is a lesson in  humility

It is a lifetime of learning.

Emergence is to arise to any occasion

In hope and goodwill

In strength  of positivity

In light beyond passions.

Emergence is an art of living

In bringing to light the hidden good

In surfacing with  dignity and grace

In knowing the infinite truth of being.

Emergence in the unfolding resurrection

In transpiring to regeneration

As in such a reviving emergence

Life begets the vital resurgence.

Savvy Raj

About Me:

Image Credits: Artwork by Savvy Raj  Title: Emergence.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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