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Art of Management : Commitment

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Art of Responsible Commitment.


Tip 5: Art of Management.

Don’t bite more than you can chew!

Years ago when I was in the university doing  my masters, I have a distinct memory of  our Head of the Department carrying a book which read. ‘Don’t bite more than you can chew ‘ written in bold on the cover . A diminutive bespectacled gentleman everyday he would carry it along  with him to his lectures.. And habitually as he reached his table he would carefully place it towards him and then start to speak .

The words on the book always intrigued me for its significance in our life and living .

Today as we discuss the art of management I see  how this applies so beautifully.  Commitment is an art of management.  To manage your ability, capacity and resources at hand optimally  and sustain it successfully learning to avoid over commitment  is a necessary skill.

A few Tips On the Art of Responsible Commitment.

  • Avoid over-commitment. To fulfill any commitment ,before committing,  simply  make sure  to clarify and define your own abilities and capacities to yourself. And communicate  then your actions as it will steer you clear from falling short of  expectation from others.
  •  Be wary of over-compensating Remember every time you are over-committing  somewhere you are weakening the  very relationships  you are trying to strengthen  either your family,  or  with your self by trying to overcompensate .
  • Respect your need for well-being  as over-commitment is stressful  and creates opportunities for health issues gradually.
  • Strive to bring a sense of balance. You know your abilities best. If you wish to expand your horizons and venture beyond your comfort zone, trust your intuitive intellect it certainly will not let you down.
  • Inculcate integrity in your approach to commitment at home and work  for a balanced  life and living.

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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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