The power of silence…

Silence unifies the whole of your being.

Silence heals our innate self.

Silence embodies meditation.

Silence regenerates life and living.

Silence moves the soul.

Silence clarifies vision.

Silence answers doubts.

Silence questions with impassion.

Silence connects the seeker in you.

Silence charges the cellular awareness.

Silence simplifies the answers.

Silence shows the way of patience.

Silence activates our guiding spirit.

Silence delivers tolerance like no other.

Silence powers the strength of intuition.

Silence moves towards deep contemplation.

Silence evolves the spirit of understanding.

Silence graces atmosphere with quietude.

Silence defends without a word.

Silence strengthens the soul.

Silence defies without bloodshed.

Silence rebels without violence.

Silence honours the spirit of the souls.

Silence speaks a thousand words.

Silence listens what is to be heard.

Silence hears the spoken word.

Silence hones the skills within.

Silence helps to moderate behaviour.

Silence harnesses the strength of the spirit.

Silence searches the truth of the being.

Silence teaches the art of tolerance and restraint.

Silence conserves and sustains energy.

Silence encompasses untold wisdom.

What is Silence then?

Silence is poetry in unsaid prose.

Silence is a dance in stillness to soundless music.

Silence is quiescence in noiselessness.

Silence is a conspicuous absence of speech.

Silence is a hush beyond the din.

Silence is a projection of inner bliss.

Silence is a prayer in its loudest form.

Silence is an opportunity for the flow of grace.

Silence is a practice of empathy.

Silence is a state of being with oneself.

Silence is a consciousness beyond measure.

Silence is learning to be in balance with the self.

Silence speaks and listens to itself in a zone enveloped in the repose of its own stillness. A muted conversation in transcendent oblivion. Silence is a tool for centering. Silence has the capacity to influence and access the deepest wisdom.

Silence can be knowing the peace within. 

Silence is painful in its struggles and valuable in itself. Silence is in utter desperation, deep contemplation with phases of meditative connectedness. 

Silence is never thoughtless or mindless. 

Silence dwells in the spaces between the steps. 

Silence leads and the path appears.

Trust the lessons learnt in silence.


Today is celebrated in India as Maha Shivaratri  a celebration of the Lord Shiva who is symbolic of infinite silence .A great day to sit in silent contemplation…