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On Nurturing  2


Parenting: The learnings in the nurturing.

Parenting is a long term learning process. With the first born every parent is going through a variety of emotions and various stages of parenting. It is true as an infant it is entirely on the parents-  be its safety, its cleanliness, understanding its cries for various needs-  all done with so much love and care without prior experience.  As the child grows  so does its mode of expression, tantrums, seeking attention, and the parents learn to cope up with all of it  like experts. Cherubic angels with devilish moods. It’s a 24/ 7 job with full focus. The teacher in the child starts teaching valuable lessons, you may have not come across so far in any university.

You have to constantly learn new techniques with every child. One lesson will not work with the other as they are different individuals teaching you to handle the same issues with various means.

You will be learning new lessons with every stage of their growing up. Infants to toddlers to kids, youngsters to teen agers, Young adults to grown up,men and women, each stage teaches you different lessons.
You will be learning new lessons on changing generations, their changing values,  how to maintain the balance and be a bridge to keep up the tranquility and peace at home. Though every phase has its testing period, it is challenging period when they are in their teens with their  need to balance their inner and outer worlds.  Once you cross that successfully you can enjoy a momentary peace till the next one starts.

Coping up with the the new relations that springs up in their lives, and the need to understand their changing priorities, to accept gracefully  and take the back seat in their life though they remain as ur priority , without regrets. Ability to know the strength of the bond though invisible still remains strong and intact. The list of life lessons the child teaches goes on till the end.

That is the way life has to go on.

And all the while we pride ourselves as parents and that we teach and guide our children!
Who is the real teacher here?

These are a few reflections from my mothers perspectives on Parenting.

There may be many styles of parenting and the nurturing they instill  may be relative to  what they received. There is no foolproof way to successful parenting as success is itself subjective. However the idea of nurturing  abilities and giving space for evolving  helps the  holistic development of individual.On Nurturing

In a nutshell …can think of  5 A’s of Nurturing as parents… but the list never ends .

Acknowledge abilities as uniquely significant.

Appreciate the good qualities & its application.

Allow the potential of  personal expression.

Accept the challenges as part of life

Adapt to changing nature.

What are your views on Parenting and nurturing? Do share.

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “On Nurturing  2

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  2. Thank you for the great article, Savvy. My daughter was a single foster mother for two foster children who had been damaged by mothers who were addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It was very sad because I know that she did what she could, but in the end, both children were too damaged to make it to adulthood in any normal and life enhancing way. She was a very good mom, got them to counseling weekly, and took them camping and involved them in sports – all things that are supposed to be good for them, and they went to church too, but the daughter became schizophrenic and went on drugs, having children that all turned out to have special needs because of her failure to quit the drugs, etc. and the son went to live with a homeless person and got on drugs and into legal problems too. So sad for a mother who is trying as hard as she can to nurture her children. The children ultimately need both parents, for each one plays a different role in their lives, and each one makes it possible for the child to grow up in an environment that has balance; we all need to fully develop our feminine aspects and our masculine aspects.

    I am glad that I can be a volunteer for foster children to help them weather the storms they have endured at critical points in their growing up. You can serve as a volunteer whether you are married or not, and even if you live a different lifestyle. You do have to pass a background check and fingerprints, but both men and women are very welcome, and much needed to give these children a chance.


    • Deeply resonate with what you have mentioned here…Children need both parents for each has an important role in the nurturing and wellbeing .And yes we all need to develop our feminine and masculine aspects to Integrate the mind and body wisdom.

      My heartfelt appreciation to you and to your daughter for your nurturing nature. I have strong belief that the hands that help are holier than the lips that pray. To take a step towards any transformation is to touch humanity to heal . The road is never easy and trodden with uncertainties and has many pitfalls but in perseverance there is a knowing of the truth of life and being that is truly unparalleled. I speak here from own experience in volunteering and sharing social dance skills with visually impaired children. So much learnings inextricably juxtaposed in emotions that arise through any deed from the heart in goodwill. I hope what we share touches and inspires a life to take a step ahead in compassion and care a little more of this world beyond the self . For every step in time makes a difference. Thank you for this heartfelt connection.

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  3. thank you kindly, Savvy. That is beautiful.


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