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Spools from Spills

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Some positive takes in an accidental spill…

To keep calm and address the lesson in the spill.

To turnover a spill to evolve for better
To sense a pattern of possibilities in a spill.

To challenge the statuesque through a spill.

To test skillsets learned from a spill
To move beyond in a dare with a spill

To spill some more and align the pattern formations

To envision hope beyond the accidental spill.

To create artworks from the potential in a spillover

To empathize with the spiller across the learning curve…

Spills become art and art spills over.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Spools from Spills

  1. Feeling So Silly Feeling So Great
    Like The World Is My Oyster At
    my Birthday Dinner Savvy

    Biting Into Delicious

    Seafood Dinner

    Oyster Replies

    With Hard



    Jaws Devour

    Now A Crown to Come

    On A Bi-Cuspid Next Yet

    No i Did Not Curse Just

    An Opportunity For Art

    To Flow LiGHT From DarK

    Lessoned Learned Don’t Let

    The Delicious Take A Gentler Jaw Away…

    Yet i Will Not Lie Great Dental Insurance Soothes Art…:)


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