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Art of Movement


Personally speaking, I have a deep interest in the art of movements, especially the ones that elucidate the flow… perhaps that is why I love dancing but on the other hand I have been equally captivated by the beauty of Tai chi and more so Qi Gong.

The healing energy of movement has often been a subject of deep passion, respect and research for me.

Likewise I am especially fond of the flowing Waltz as well. Since childhood, dancing comes naturally to me but have always found myself grappling to understand why martial art is even necessary.Until much later I started exploring the potency of energy in each of us…through a little introduction into Tai chi as well by conscious choice.

Allow me to present my reflections on this subject in a flow….

In a dance
There is an interconnect
Of emotion and movement
As to emote is to sense
The feeling in the flow…

In dance there is an awareness
Of moving in response
Without anticipation.
As in one step less,
The music moves on
And you are left to improvise
On how to match the steps in rhythm.

Yes, truly to dance is to enjoy the life in the moves.

In martial arts
There is flow too
But a flow that is ever in alertness,
In strategic moves and self defense
The speed and swiftness
In reaction and response.

Martial arts often feels like dance… t
But often the difference
Is between life and death.

Both are connected in the deepest sense and yet distinctive like chalk and cheese.

The intention to dance and to fight…is what differentiates.

We dance to let go, to enjoy this now and celebrate it.
In awareness is a flow that merges in harmony to synch in with now in artistry of the moves

The warrior is fighting for peace for survival against all odds
Not knowing what is the next move but yielding to the now to decipher the countermove and strike.
Here too there is often a display of extreme artistry of motion in accuracy of time.

To learn both, takes dedication and practice in patience.
But most of all is the need for relentless will & passion to persevere .

Yes, there is a dancer in a warrior

And a warrior in the dancer.

Choice rests within you.

Just remember, to dance is to live the moments and explore its most aesthetic potential in the flow… choose not to make dance a fight.

Stay joyful in peace.

To learn martial arts is to get into the arena and survive.
Attack or in self defense with least possible harm to get out of harms way to stay in peace.

Both may have their own relevance in purpose
To negate one is to look at only one half of the circle
Just as much as joy is part of life
Safekeeping the freedom to be
Is equally important in every now…

Do you want to dance in peace
Do you want to fight for peace.
Choice is yours to make
Peace or war!



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Art of Movement

  1. Fascinating Verse Below Savvy Originating in The Ancient Gospel
    Of Thomas Buried Away in Egypt And Not Actually Uncovered
    And Put into English Print Until 1959 As This Version Escaped
    Centuries of Changes Yet i surely Will Relate That The Sign of

    All Existence God is “Movement And Repose” The Energy We
    Conserve And Spend As Chi Is the State of Being Before the
    Lion Roars Thundering Across the Savannah And the Quiet

    Before The Strike of Even The Smaller Feral Cat Perfectly Still
    In Focus And Concentration For Survival As In Repose Every

    Calorie Saved Means Living Another Day And True Within Us
    We Have the Ancestral Dance of Move and Repose of as Long
    As Existence Has Been Here Friends With Gravity We Become

    This Way Smiles i’ve Been Doing a Mix of Free Style Ballet And Public
    Martial Arts Dance Now for 14,522 Miles As i Just Got Back from
    Hours and Hours of Doing that as my Wife Shopped Ending up

    At the Barnes and Noble Book Store Friends With Gravity in Dance
    Same Move and Repose as Oceans Shores Come to Be Through
    Waves that Go Out and Come in Again as Planets Spiral Stars in

    Balance of Gravity too Dancing Reading an Entire Book in Less
    Than an Hour Listening to Meditative Music Fully Wide Awake

    And at the Gym When i warm Up to Leg Press Still up to 1520
    Pounds at 60 Years Old With My Arms Raised to the Ceiling in
    Balance Doing that i Warm up With ‘Tai Chi’ that is No Label as

    Neither the Song of my Poetry The Ballet or Martial Arts of my
    Dance comes with Any Lessons only the Natural Move and Repose Within

    Again as the Verse Says Below How We Will Feel God Within How We Will

    Dance Free In Flow Where Life Becomes A Meditation to Conserve Energy

    And Expend Laser Focus When Necessary for Whatever Life takes Now

    50) Jesus said, “If they say to you, ‘Where did you come from?’,
    say to them, ‘We came from the light, the place where the light
    came into being on its own accord and established [itself] and
    became manifest through their image.’ If they say to you, ‘Is it
    you?’, say, ‘We are its children, we are the elect of the Living
    Father.’ If they ask you, ‘What is the sign of your father in
    you?’, say to them, ‘It is movement and repose.'”

    It’s true In the Verse Above That Jesus

    Is Whole Lot More Like Yoda

    Than Any Modern

    Day Version


    And of Course

    He Sounds In this Verse

    According to the Story Like

    Countless Other Folks Who Have

    Attained Enlightenment through the

    Ages By Looking Within And Letting
    The Move And Repose Happen Now..

    For it’s True Faith The Belief In Balance
    of Gravity Needs No Words At All to Breathe
    This Way in Dance And Song Naturally Coming
    From Repose and Move Next As Now Becomes Now..:)

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