Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!



Is the beguiling beauty of nature
Meant to have its own purpose
Afterall,everything is connected
Nothing is accidental.

However free in abandon we may feel
In this moment, we are bound
By the laws of nature
And its in these tangible connects
In being part of nature
We are deeply disturbed
By the imbalances of nature.

All of animaldom chooses harmonious
Coexistence with natures laws.
Unlike humans who try to outsmart nature and its ways.
Yet nature nourishes and nurtures itself in every now.
Such is the truth of life and living in nature.

High time to evolve with the lessons
nature shares.
Know that there is always a reason
To the way things are…

What we cannot see with our eyes
Nature of nature, emotes through our senses
Leaving the heart imprints,

Of wisdom in impressions for all of posterity…



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “WISDOM OF NATURE

  1. The Story Is Not New Whether
    Under Tree in Desert Perhaps
    Even Cave Yet Caves

    Are A Bit

    DarK i “See”
    Beach As Best
    Forest too As This
    Is How God Expresses


    i Live As
    Nature True

    To Be Become One
    With Nature once Again
    Reborn Coming Back Again
    Naturally In Balance This Way

    One Must Find A Way to Become
    Separated From All Spoon Fed
    Clothes Yes Layers of Tools We




    Yes Even
    Written Words Then

    Do Gain Meditative Flow
    In Some Free Art Of Dance
    And Song To Become Naked

    Free Once Again “The Child’s”

    EYeS ONe of Nature Free This

    Living Leaf of Tree God Roots

    Spread Forest Ocean Wave🌊


    Of Water
    Balance All Free💧

    Let It Rain Dance And Sing 💦


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