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Wisdom in the Challenges

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Title :Circle of Life  Artwork by Savvy Raj


Life may challenge us all every once in a while, it is good as it leaves some wisdom behind …

The challenge is to float when you feel you will drown
The wisdom is to sense a challenge coming
The challenge is to tide through the tough times
And wisdom is knowing this too shall pass
The challenge is to choose between the options at hand
The wisdom to know  the difference
The challenge is to seek new ways of  overcoming
The wisdom is to know there is always a  solution
The challenge is bring balance
The wisdom to sense the balance
The challenge seeks to fulfill itself
The wisdom seeks nothing for itself
The challenge pushes forth seeking new horizons
The wisdom stills itself in the knowing
The challenge searches the heaven and the earth
The wisdom delves deep within
The challenge draws a blank line
The wisdom draws a full circle
The challenge questions the issue at hand
The wisdom answers the question .
The challenge  seeks to resolve for peace
The wisdom is in the path of peace
The challenge  competes  to win the war
The wisdom  collaborates and creates peace.
The  challenge is a test of the spirit
The wisdom is a way of the soul
The challenge seeks new way of seeing
The wisdom knows the way of being.
The challenge  is keeping the spirit alive
The wisdom is knowing it is not the end
The challenge seeks
The wisdom knows
In seeking there arises the knowing
There is no one without the other.
Savvy Raj

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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